Short Stories to Counteract Resistance from some Prospects

Some people are stubborn others are resistant. The frown on their faces with their arms folded tells us we may be in for a rough ride … unless we counteract them with short stories.

Here is a phrase which will make things better: “Here is the short story.”

Everyone loves a story. There are short stories for kids. There short stories for teenagers. There are short stories for adults.

And there are short stories for people who resist our offers with Network Marketing.

The minute a resistant prospect hears that phrase, it tells the prospect we will be short. It tells them we will be to the point. We won’t have any time for disgusting sales techniques.

The prospect calms down. We present our short story that sums up our offer in 20-seconds.

Here are some very short stories examples…

“So here is the short story. Instead of a coke and hotdog, you drink our power shakes for lunch or dinner. Now you can manage your weight for the rest of your life.”

“So here is the short story. The only thing that is different is we will be spending more time spending time at home making more money. Now you don’t have to listen to that pesky boss at work.”

“So here is the short story. Start working with me and get a part-time paycheck. Now, you have more money every month.”

“So here is the short story. Use our drink for rejuvenating the skin every day, and you won’t have to listen to your skin wrinkle while you lay in bed at night.”

How else can we disarm negativity other than with short stories?

“What would you like to know first?”

Imagine you are speaking to a no-nonsense, get to the point, negative person named Bob. He coughs out from his smoke-filled lungs from the cigar he just puffed and says, “Okay, give me your best shot.”

Kind of stings, doesn’t it? We feel his resistance. So, as a professional Network Marketer, how do we disarm Bob?

“So Bob, what would you like to know first?”

Bob is thinking, “Hey, you aren’t a salesman. You are going to talk to let me do the talking. Salespeople don’t let other people talk. So, if I get to talk, let me tell you exactly what I want to know first.”

With one phrase…”So Bob what would you like to know first”…we have disarmed Bob and counteracted his pushback. Bob tells us exactly what he wants questions he wants to know.

So, will it be short stories or “what would you like to know first”…to disarm our negative prospects? Whenever we feel nervous, we can fall back on short stories or this easy question: “What would you like to know first?”

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