Sound Bites that Get People to Buy Our Products and Join Our Business

What describes most of the prospects that we meet BEFORE introducing them to sound bites? Low attention span – Very little listening skills – Memory loss at an all-time high.

What describes our prospects AFTER sound bites?  Holding onto every word we say – Listening with the intent of wanting to know more – Remembering what we say and how we say it.

 Which of these two scenarios do you want for yourself and your prospects? Before or after?

After, of course… Sound bites are powerful tools.

What is a soundbites definition?

They are small bite-sized chunks of information that stick in our brains, and get us to take immediate action.

What makes a good sound bite?

Words that are catchy and trigger emotions but are powerful and get people to make immediate decisions to buy or join.

Think about it this way. We listen to a boring speech. Facts, more facts, boring information. We’ve already forgotten what the speaker said one minutes ago and want to forget what he says now.

However, during the speech, the speaker says something memorable such as “Taste that beats the others cold – Pepsi pours it on.”

Our ears perk up. We say to ourselves, “I like that saying.” It sticks in my mind. I am thirsty for a Pepsi.”

Don’t like Pepsi? How about “Things go better with coke?” You remember such sound bites when your first hear it, and you still remember it now.

How many of us recall this famous sound bites? “Don’t leave home without it” – the sound bites for American Express.

Do you like “finger licking good” chicken? Makes we want to go out and buy Colonial Sanders’ Kentucky Fried Chicken.

All these free sound bites cause us to take an action that we normally would not take.

Sound Bites Make Instant Sales and Get People to Join

We are looking for short sound bites examples. We are looking for sound bites download that tickles the brain and causes us to applaud upon hearing them.

These tiny bits of information will help retail our products and services and get prospects to join our business. We want instant results that trigger buying decisions from the people we talk with.

The one big advantage of learning sound bites is that new distributors don’t have to learn selling skills immediately. Have them put sound bites into their conversations, and let the sound bites do the selling for them.

These phrases are great because a target market responds well to them. Do they work all the time? No! But the do work 90% of the time.

—Network Marketing—

Let’s start with the best sound bites ever for our network marketing opportunity

“Bet your paycheck on a wealthier forecast for tomorrow.’

“Be an ordinary person making extra-ordinary decisions to get paid beyond-ordinary bonuses for life.”

“Be a Rockstar and collect bonuses and royalties for life.”

“Don’t be seven out of ten people who are one paycheck away from being homeless.”

Don’t be a dependent person who pays their bills every month. Be an independent person who runs their own life by being their own person where bills are no longer the problem.”

“No bills to pay, money in your checking account, and time to spend with family and friends.”

“Fire your boss. Walk away. Live your dreams.”

—Skincare and Cosmetics—

Here are some small phrases that we scatter throughout our conversations to trigger buying decisions about skincare and cosmetics.

“Makes your skin look so good, you’ll never have to wear makeup again.”

“Cheap makeup makes up look…cheap.”

“Skin like a baby in only 14 days.”

“Feels so good that you can’t stop touching your skin.”

“Facelift in a bottle.”

–Nutrition Products—

How about some for nutritional products?

“Dying early is inconvenient for some. Living longer is extra-ordinary convenient for most.”

“Genius in a tea.”

Wake up every morning feeling like a million dollars.”

“Concentrated salad in a tasty liquid.”

“Fiber for pizza-lovers who hate rabbit food.”

“Removes the stress from a dream-sucking vampire boss that takes out little bits of your brain every day, turning you into a burned-out walking zombie.”

—Weight Loss Products—

“Turn your body into a fat-burning machine without the gym.”

“Helps burn fat, even while you watch television and drink beer.”

“Power teas for dieters.”

“The donut replacer.”

“Never diet again.”

“Lose weight by changing your brand of coffee.”

Got the idea?

Now it is your turn to create some sound bites for your products, services, and opportunity and change the success of you and your team.

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