The Common Objection that Our Social Media Prospects Seldom Verbalize

Objections are easier to answer when we bring them up on social media before we start our presentation. Here is the common objection our prospects seldom verbalize and most Network Marketers fail to answer upfront because they don’t know how.

But what if I fail?”

It is the secret objection in most of our prospect’s minds.

Prospects are afraid to take a chance to build their network marketing careers online.

Uncertainty abounds in our prospect’s lives. They may have a job, but is that job secure? Of course not. This insecurity gives prospects a lot of stress.

You can be certain 100% of our prospects income is dependent on their job existing.

What the prospect sees on the news daily is the mergers, downsizing, and one level of management being replaced by the next. Experienced employees are being replaced with low-paid trainees. This scares our prospects.

If they have uncertainty about failing with their jobs, it is natural that the feeling carries over when it comes to Network Marketing.

How do we counter the common objection of failure?

We agree with out prospect that these risks exist.

By agreeing the risks are there, Network Marketing looks more like a safety net instead of a risk. Having one more income makes sense with job insecurity. Now handling objection about failure is easier.

Another way of handling objections about failure is to say,

“If we lose our job, we may be unable to find another job. But in business, if our business does not work, we can always start another business. Having our own business at least gives us some options.”

How about this illustration for overcoming objections about failure?

“Imagine we want to learn how to ride a bicycle. We have the desire, but not the skill. Do we know exactly how to ride that bicycle before we start? Certainly not. We start before we know how. But over time, we learn. There will be some temporary failures along the way, but we learn and become successful bicycle riders.”

The common objection about failure becomes mute.

So, handling objections in sales or handling customer objections about failure with the buying the product or service or joining a business opportunity is not so much a chore as it is knowing the words to relax our prospect.

Let’s review…let’s calm the prospect’s mind. Let them know it is normal to feel unsure. They haven’t learned anything yet. It is okay to fail temporary along the way. That is how children learn to walk. And finally, with the company training, and with our help, they can feel secure that over time, they will make their business successful.

The common objection hidden in the mind of the prospect is overcome…failure is a risk worth having in a world that is unsure about its future.

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