Podcast 22: The Magic of Colors when Speaking to a Prospect about Network Marketing

This rise to the top podcast is about how you can gain instant rapport with prospects that you meet with the magic of colors and motivate them into action to join network marketing.

What does the magic of colors do for the prospect?

  1. Helps to gain instant rapport with prospects that we meet and know.
  2. Motivates them into action to join network marketing and to keep them engaged and focused.
  3. Brings excitement to your team with a surefire method for converting prospects from a “no” to a  “yes.”
  4. Decreases conflicts with personality clashes.
  5. Learn a new skill for helping you to effectively lead tens of thousands of people.
  6. Wins friends and increases cooperation with even the most difficult people.
  7. Dramatically improve your personal, professional and social relationships.
  8. Makes it fun to learn an easy way to increase productivity and profitability with your professional and personal life.

This rise to the top podcast helps you to identify the color personality that is most predominant within a person and win their hearts and minds over to network marketing.

Listen to the podcast here;

Podcast #22

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    1. Hey Jennifer, glad you got something of value out of this podcast. What can I do for you next?

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