The Tip for Handling the Critics of Network Marketing

Want the tip on how to handle family and friends who criticize Network Marketing? How the top leaders handle the critics of network marketing?

The tip: Success in in this industry does not require support from external causes.

Family, friends and other external support systems are not required. Family and friends are the biggest critics of network marketing. 98% of the criticism comes from them. You can build success in network marketing without them. Realize handling criticism of network marketing is accepting the reality that support from family and friends will not be there in large numbers.

Building your network marketing business requires only the sheer will and desire to do it. Your WHY for doing network marketing must be greater than the external support which you may or may not get from family and friends. Your WHY dwarfs all criticism of network marketing.

My WHY is to build a fortune for myself and my family, not for someone else. I want true financial freedom where my income is double of what I made in medical coding. My goal is financial security without having to rely on Social Security or the meager pension from my old job. I want to start life at 65 without debt and $200,000 a year residual income.

My MLM tip for you is to find out your WHY and make sure it is bigger than the criticism of network marketing. The bigger the better …the bigger the WHY, the bigger the reason for staying with network marketing when all support fails. Criticism won’t matter because you are fighting the good fight and intend on staying the course and winning the race.

The MLM tip for network marketing prospecting is do it without support. Your upline won’t support you in prospecting …do it anyway. Your family criticizes you …pull up your big boy pants and chart the course yourself despite the criticism.


What about strangers? 98% of strangers know nothing about network marketing to form opinions for criticism or don’t care. Criticism of network marketing is a family affair. It’s a friend affair. It stays close to home. Those strangers who do criticize, why would you care? You will probably never see them again.

Coming to grips with the reality that support may not be there is finding the MLM secrets to success in network marketing. It is the secret of handling criticism of network marketing. It is the MLM tip for the day.

The MLM tip on handling the critics of network marketing? Take control. Take charge. Understand external support may not be there. Do it despite the lack of support because your WHY leads you.

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