The Quality of Your Reps Will Determine the Quality of Your Business

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The quality of your reps will make a difference on and determine the quality of your network marketing business.

Don’t believe me?

Try this…

Sign up a bunch of whiners, people who have no vision other than their next paycheck, and have no commitment beyond setting their recorder for the latest episode of “NCIS Los Angeles.”

Sit back and watch what happens to the quality of your business.

First, you will have a hard time getting them to commit to join. Second, if you did get them join, they will either refuse to do anything further and languish in their self-indulgence.


Sign up professionals, salespeople plus people who are retail managers and see what happens.

You will find they don’t see problems as obstacles but see them as challenges to meet and solve. They see an opportunity and what they can do to make is successful.

Which of these two groups would you choose?

There is no contest….it’s the professionals, salespeople, and retail people.

So, stop letting every Tom, Jerry and Sally into the business. The quality of your reps and partners will determine the selection the type of business you will have.

Let me illustrate,

You are owner of Coca Cola. You need a CEO. You have a warm market list in front you from which to choose the next corporate head running the company.

Ask yourself, “Which from your warm market list of the top ten people would you pick? Would you pick your broke and “been out of work for 10 years” brother-in-law to be CEO of a major corporation based upon false qualifications? No! Common sense prevents it.

So, why would you pick someone letting them join your network marketing business based upon a low standard? Someone who is broke and needs a job over a professional person running his own business? A person who has no ambition over a person who does?

Performance works – choose people with the right qualifications performing enthusiastically well in their jobs or careers over the lack of enthusiasm and performance in others. The quality of your business consistently depends upon it.

Be Selective with the Quality of Your prospects.

The quality of your opportunity does not depend upon the people needing to be coaxed and dragged across the finish line to join the organization. If you are coaxing and convincing people to join your company, your acceptable performance in doing this business diminishes. You just as well should get a job.

Look for people like yourself or who are a cut above. I go for the professionals, the salespeople and people with jobs who are unhappy.

The quality of your reps will determine all else. Be selective about who you let in. Choose from among those who like yourself or a cut above. Don’t fall into the trap of diminishing performance improvements.

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