Thinking in Pictures for Our Prospects in Network Marketing

They are also called word pictures too!

When you finished with a prospect, have you ever felt you should have said something differently? Thinking in pictures not words would have helped.

Learning the right words to say BEFORE we meet a prospect rather than after is the best time to learn.

We can learn to become the most interesting person our potential prospects meet with graphic, picturesque terms.

Thinking in pictures is a great way to communicate by getting our prospects to SEE what we see. A list of emotional trigger words that paint a picture or word art that draws an image in our prospects’ minds move our message from our heads to their heads.

People don’t think in words. They think in pictures. Thinking in pictures, people make it easy on themselves to grasp an idea.

When I mention Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Getty, what do we see in our minds? Do we see the letters of the famous “The Rock” Johnson’s name slowing forming in our brains? Of course not. We see a picture of this famous movie star.

We don’t think in letters or in words. We are thinking in pictures.

Rather than tell the prospects some facts, give them some emotional trigger phrases for attraction to our message.

Transferring Information

How do we transfer our knowledge about our business opportunity, products and services from our brains into the brains of our prospects?

There is an old saying but a picture is worth a thousand words. A picture does transfer information a thousand times faster. By using pictures, people can see what we see. And that means they will want to buy.

Are pictures complicated? Are they long/ Are they difficult to express? No. Word pictures are easy. Thinking in pictures works with this easy to follow formula.

“When you use our product, here is what happens…”

That’s it. Using these words to start a sentence will get our prospects seeing the benefits of our offering.

Some examples?

Weight Management Products.

“When you use our fat busting coffees, here is what happens. One week from now you wake up and you start putting on your cloths and you notice – hey! These pants are awful baggy! You have lost four or five inches off your waist and you didn’t even have to diet!”

People can see themselves trying on their pants in the morning. We have created a movie in their minds.

Anti-Aging Products.

“When you use our age reducing teas, here is what happens. After drinking our products, you will feel your face with your fingertips. It will feel smooth like satin silk. No flaky scales. No dry rough skin. Just smooth, clean and fresh feeling skin.”

Our prospects will visualize themselves feeling their soft new skin.

Sports Energy Drinks

“When you use our energy drink, here is what happens to you. You hear your grandchildren are coming to visit. You grab our energy drink and add some ice making it refreshingly crisp and cold. Minutes later, your mood is great. You are full of energy. Thirty minutes after your grandchildren arrive, they are complaining because they can’t keep up with you, “Grandpa! Grandpa! Slow down. We can’t keep up with you.”

Thinking in pictures, we get the prospect seeing themselves outrunning their grandchildren.

These are not hypnotic words or hypnosis phrases. They are wordart painting a moving picture in your prospects’ minds.

Keeping Our Word Pictures Simple and Listener-Friendly

This is a bad time to sound important and super-intelligent. We want our listeners to easily see the pictures inside of their minds.

Our job is to communicate clearly as we can to get prospects thinking in pictures that move through their heads.

Here is an example of a pompous “I am smart presentation.”

“Let me tell you about the unique amino acid found underneath the rock on a mossy hill in the Amazonian Rain Forest by a team of NASA astronauts who have movie stars as partners. Our Nobel-Prize-winning scientists have patented a uique way of encapsulation this amino acid into a time-release formula you drink in a healthy tea that not only cures cancer but makes amputated limbs grow back 10 X’s stronger.”

We’ve heard those kind of presentations, and they stink.

We can do a better job in communication.

So are you thinking in pictures for your prospects? If not, now is a good time to start.

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