Turning Cold Leads into Hot Prospects with Two Awesome Sentences

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Calling cold leads is very difficult. There is no relationship. The prospects are skeptical. Turning cold leads into hot prospects is not easy.
Does cold calling work? Yes, it works if you speak the right kinds of words.
When the prospect answers the phone or you chat with them on social media, say this:
“I understand you have been looking for a home-based business. So, tell me, why haven’t you found a home-based business yet?”
What happens?
That kind of cold call introduction will relax the prospect and tell you why they are still looking.
They will tell you their likes and dislikes. They will go into detail about their research into Network Marketing. They will tell you what is holding them back.
Turning cold leads into hot prospects is easy with the right words to speak.
With the information freely handed over to you by prospects, you can describe your business in a way that is acceptable to them.
This is better than guessing what they want or mind-reading. When prospects tell us exactly what they like and don’t like before we start a presentation, well, it doesn’t get any easier than this.
Another cold calling technique that really works is the two-sentence opening.
This is two-sentence approach should be done early in the conversation by saying:
“There are two types of people in the world. Those who look for reasons why, and those who look for reasons why not.”
It puts the prospect into an open-minded attitude turning cold leads into hot prospects. They will naturally look for reasons why our opportunity can work for them instead of looking for reasons not to join.
When we use this two-sentence phrase, we don’t have to use any high-pressure techniques. Prospects can judge for themselves if this opportunity is right for them.
So, how to start a cold call? Use one of two awesome sentences. Turning cold leads into hot prospects is easier with them than you thought.

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