What Happens to Most People when They Hear Us Say This One Phrase?

Most people related because we say this to most people!

When we say “most people,” what happens to most people in their heads? Their automatic programs activate. They say they want to be part of most people.


Because “most people” represents survival. Belong to a group is safer than being out on your own.

That is why we naturally go to a crowded restaurant instead of an empty one.

If we discover a brand-new drink, we want someone else to drink first.

We don’t want to walk through dark alley late at night by ourselves. We want to walk with a group.

Survival means staying with the group, being safe, letting other people go first, and avoiding the risk.

What happens to most people when we use “most people” in talking about Network Marketing?

Our prospects’ minds activate. The wheels start turning and say, “Ah ha… I feel safe. I can survive when I belong to a group. Now, I can relax and listen without being afraid.”

Want some examples?

—-“Most people I show this business to get excited about it and want to join.”

—“Most people want more money and everyone loves how my business helps them get it.”

—“Most people feel safer when they have two paychecks a month.”

—“Most people are tired of wasting time commuting to work.”

That is better than hearing “some people.” Some people represents the not so popular crowd… the one which lives on the edge. We don’t feel safe with “some people”… so we’d rather stay with “most people.”

What happens to most people when they hear us say “most people?” They listen. They join. They buy.

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