What's important to Prospects as they are decide whether to work with Us?

Or; whether to do business with us?

What is important to our prospects? Well, it sure isn’t our degree, awards and fancy plaques that hang on our wall. w

Our prospects are more concerned with their connection with us.

Getting awarded by your upline with a fancy plague might be important for other parts of our Network Marketing business.

But for our prospects in making decisions to buy our products or join our business, they are not.

The most important question in every prospect’s mind is, “Who are you?”

What is less important for our prospects is that we make $10k a month, we’ve traveled to Hawaii six times this year, and have a million-dollar home.

They are more concerned about what can you do as a person to help them solve their problems.

And we don’t need to spend much time on the question, “Who are you?”

This is pretty basic. Instead, we need to acknowledge the “elephant in the room.” The biggest and most important question our prospects have is, “Can I trust you?”

So, let’s get on this important question. This question will make the biggest difference in our Network Marketing business.

What is less important for our prospects is a fancy business card. They want to do business with a real person. Only a few analytical prospects will do their financial planning with your Network Marketing business behind a computer screen. And only after months of study and comparison.

When our prospects feel safe about who we are, what do they want to know next?

“Can I trust you and trust what you are saying?”

So, how will our prospects make decisions to trust us and believe what we say?

Trust comes first.

Details come later.

The trust decision is instant. It only takes 20-seconds after meeting someone to make a decision to trust them or not.

Here are how amateurs try to create trust and rapport.

  1. They are sincere.
  2. They are honest.
  3. They have integrity.
  4. They have prospects’ best interests at heart.

And NONE of those four things create trust.

What is less important for our prospects is those four things.

Prospects ONLY TRUST people who are like them.

They ask themselves when meeting us?

“Do you see the world the same way I do?

State a fact which both people can agree upon and you will build instant rapport… you will build trust.

“Our bills never end.” (Prospects think, “Oh, you are right. You see the world like I do. You understand”).

“Saving money for the future is almost impossible with prices going up and up.” (Prospects think, “Finally, someone who understands how hard it is to save money”).

“Nobody wants risky investments with their hard-earned savings.” (Prospects think, “Read my mind. I couldn’t sleep at night knowing my money could go down in value”).

See how easy it is? And how easy it is for you to build rapport and trust with your prospects?

What is less important for our prospects is the facts and features which we think will impress them. What is more important is a fact through which our prospect sees the world and agrees.

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