What to Do when prospects ask for more Information after a presentation

Here is what to do when our prospects ask for more information about our Network Marketing business or products.

We have three choices to make:

Choice #1: they don’t want to join or buy.

Choice #2: they are having trouble telling us “no”.

Choice #2: they may want to join or buy.

So, how do we handle these choices in real life about our prospect’s questions?

Choice #1 is easy. We simply write them off and continue with our conversation about other things.

Choice #2 is usually easy. They don’t want to join but want to argue and we can simply walk away or play their game at which point we most likely will have gained nothing.

Choice #3 is easy. We assume they want to join. We answer the questions as clearly as possible.

Here is the true philosophy about questions.

  1. When prospects ask questions, that means they WANT TO JOIN OR BUY. Think about it. If our prospect didn’t want to join or buy, why would they ask for more information? They want more facts to support their decision to join.
  2. It is polite to answer our prospects’ questions as clearly as we can.
  3. If our answer disqualifies them, that is okay. It is not for them at this time. That’s fair.

Our job is to know what to do when our prospects ask for more information by answering questions honestly and as straight-forward as we can.

Network Marketing questions and answers are part of the job.

So, here is what to do when your prospect asks for more information about Network Marketing:

Don’t panic. Assume they are interested into joining or might buy. Answer their questions get ready to sign them up or take an order for your products.

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