What to Do with Your Other Job after Joining Network Marketing

Should I quit my job? No, there's no need!

What do you do with your job after joining network marketing? Take a deep breath and don’t quit. You’ll be happy with the decision.

Don’t quit your job until you’re making enough money in network marketing to live comfortably. I encourage people to keep their job until they have paid off all their debts and have 2 X their yearly salary consistently for one year. If they make that amount in the first year, great …quit! If it takes them two years, continue working their job for those two years…. then quit.

I know…. I know…that is not what you wanted to hear. You just joined network marketing. You’re excited with extreme joy and liberation and have great plans with much enthusiasm. The other job just gets in the way.

Night shift jobs aren’t any fun. Day jobs rob you of the freedom to be and do what you want to do for yourself and family.

The days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months after joining network marketing. There will be ups and downs along the way. Quitting your job after joining network marketing may seem like a great idea now but it won’t when those weeks and months of rough patches are thrown at you.

What to Do with Your Real Job

Job seekers and those who have jobs after joining network marketing need to know that certain people who join their team won’t work out. The people whom they thought were the movers and shakers turn out stagnate and stale. The things their upline taught them to pull in team mates does not work.

It takes a while to build the business. So, stay with the other job. Don’t quit your job until the income level lets you live comfortably without debt and worry.

What to do with your other job? Don’t quit. Build the business …pull the trigger when all is well.

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