When Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter Speaks, we need to Listen!

 If you listen to Tom Big Al Schreiter and follow through with his training, something magical happens; lives change.

Of course, by “lives” I mean our prospect’s lives.

Tom is my mentor. I both admire him and look up to him. If it was not for Tom Big Al Schreiter, I would not be where I am today.

Every time I listen to Tom, great things happen.

For instance, he taught me the right words to speak to anyone, anytime, in any situation to get leads and prospects.

Just by saying the right words, I have at my fingertips unlimited leads and unlimited prospects. Only good things follow from knowing the trained words to speak.

Many good things happening in the world today are because of Tom.

There is the poor women in Hungary where Tom showed her how to speak to her family and she ended up sponsoring 50 of them in her business. There is the doctor in Thailand who went from making a few hundred dollars a month to tens-of-thousands a month.

The best news? Tom is a giver. He gives away value and people benefit in great numbers. The good things from 2016 by Tom carry over into 2017 and carry over into 2018 and the years to come. They are timeless.

Good things will happen, and great things happen now when Tom tells stories.

Stories are the lifeblood of Tom’s presentations on stage and off. They are a major part for bypassing all the negative programs that flood prospects’ brains and prevent them hearing the good things which we have to say.

Tom makes great things happen by showing how to find leaders that grow your business. I’d rather have 10 leaders than 1000 people who join and do nothing. Leaders are what make Network Marketing grow. One of his suggestions for finding a leader is to have them read a book and be tested on it. A leader follows instructions. A leader will follow through with his trainer. Having a potential leader read and book and tested on it shows they have the skill for doing this business.

The best news? You can have access to Tom through his books. Check out Amazon and his Facebook page.

Great things happen when Tom Big Al Schreiter speaks. Are you listening?

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