Let Me Tell You a Secret of How to Make Network Marketing Work for You

“Let Me Tell You a Secret of How to Make Network Marketing Work for You”

Let Me Tell You a Secret

Let me tell you a secret. We learned that phrase as children, and we carry it with us into adulthood. Why? Because we love secrets. All of us love secrets. Secrets are the core of who we are.

Secrets are sexy and matter. The secret door, secret ingredients, secret sauce, secret life, secret audio.

“Let me tell you a secret. Jimmy has not always been that skinny. Once upon a time, he weighed over 250 pounds! Do you know how he lost that weight?”

See how easy that is to use?  

We all carry around an invisible hoard of secrets.

Do you want to know a secret? “Secret” is the magical word that creates intrigue and curiosity for Network Marketing.

“Let me tell you a secret. That guy over there, Tim, is a multi-millionaire. You know how he did it?”

What will the listener say to this? “Sure, tell me his secret.”

“Well, Tim got involved with this homebased business selling health and wellness products such as teas, coffees, and shakes using Facebook. Want to know the name of the business?”

The listener will say, “What is the name of the company?”

“The name of the company is XYZ, Now Tim travels the world and has a home in Florida and Bermuda.”

See how the phrase, “let me tell you a secret,” can lead into a conversation about Network Marketing?

“Let me tell you a secret. I never used this popular. I joined this Network Marketing company and within a year I had 24,000 people who now seek my advice. Now I train people in 17 countries.”


Giving and getting permission to listen to a secret calms people, so they don’t feel so strange about hearing a secret. They’ll listen even more intently, because the secret includes a surprise.

Permission is a polite way to get the prospect to agree to be told a secret.

“Can I tell you a secret?”

“Is it okay if I tell you the secret ingredient used to lose weight?”

“Would it be okay to share this secret to success with you?”

“When I heard this weight loss secret, I knew you’d would want to know. Can I share it with you?”

“When I heard of this secret skincare tea, I had to tell you. Can you guess what it is?”

No one will refuse to hear a secret, since human nature wants to know. Curiosity kills the cat, because it can’t resist.

A secret should take people by surprise.

Things to avoid in telling our secret stories.

  • Simple facts – people can guess these on their own, so there needs to be more background.
  • Someone else’s story – it must be original.
  • Being too long winded – short secrets are more dramatic; more shock value is in a more quickly told story.
  • Strangers – we consider celebrities, people we know.

When we get people to stop what they are doing, to pay attention to our secret, it has to be worth it.

  • Secrets give people something new.
  • Secrets let us inside the private world of famous people.
  • Secrets are perfect sound bites to share with others.

All because they provide shock, surprise, and a change in our day, and give us something new to talk about.

Once someone knows a secret, they want to be the first to tell someone else while it is still new.

Let me tell you a secret. Network Marketing used to be hard, but I found the secret ingredient in it for making me a success. Would you like to know how?

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