Network Marketing Closing Scripts for Groups of Prospects

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Network Marketing closing scripts can remove that uncomfortable feeling which we sometimes get when talking to a group of people.

At one point in our Network Marketing careers, we will be asked to speak to a group of people. And it would be wise to know what to say to them and know how to close them. Network Marketing closing scripts can work in Network Marketing success of helping a group of people make a YES or NO decision.

Mark Davis is the author of How to End Our Speech with Confidence: 5 Closing Methods to Finish Like A Pro. Let’s look at some Network Marketing closing scripts and phrases that we can use that gives our audience permission to make a decision… now.

Here are six easy to follow Network Marketing closing scripts to groups of people:

  1. “What do you think?”
  2. “Well, there are three options. Which option suits you best?”
  3. “We can get your started today. Is that okay?”
  4. “Thank you for your attention today. What would you like to do next?”
  5. “Getting started immediately is possible for the first five people who raise their hands.”
  6. “And now the rest is up to you.”

Pretty simple, right? Those three Network Marketing closing scripts take the sting out of closing to a group.

How about six more?

  1. “When I finish this business presentation in two minutes’ time, you can leave right away … or you can walk to the back of the room for a snackand a drink. By the way, our healthy teas and coffees are delicious.”
  2. “When I finish, here is what you can do next. Talk to the person who invited you here this evening for details on how you can start. Or, if you have more questions, come to the front of the room and talk to me. I will gladly answer any questions.”
  3. “When I finish here, you can start your business by filling in the application. Just start at the top and write your name.”
  4. “When I finish talking in a about two minutes, you can decide to continue living as you have in the past. Or, you could visit with me before you leave, and talk to me about the changes you are ready to make.”
  5. “When my talk finishes in ten minutes, you can ask me a question, fill in the order form, or log on and subscribe to the email updates.”
  6. “When you leave today, you can start writing a list of prospective customers for this product. Who do you know that wants to look younger, have more energy, lose weight and shrink their stomach, immune themselves against colds and flus and allergies, and make them faster and stronger?”

Network Marketing recruiting of groups of people has never been easier than it is now with simple Network Marketing closing scripts to groups.

Prospecting in Network Marketing is done with individuals and groups. Network Marketing tips for success is knowing how to close a group.

It always helps to have Network Marketing closing scripts at hand when speaking to a group. It builds confidence and it assures a successful close.

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