Instantly overcome Customer Objections & Prospect Negativity with this Simple Phrase!

Want to know a simple phrase for overcoming customer objections and prospect negativity? No one likes getting objections and negative feedback. Objections can build barriers between you and the prospect.

Here’s the simple phrase that helps.

“Here is the short story.”

This little phrase disarms our customers and prospects. They feel your message is going to be short and to the point. They feel you are going to remove all sales tricks or high-pressure techniques.

How long should the short story be? It must be short as possible, no more than 10 or 15-seconds. 10 to 15 seconds is all that is needed for overcoming customer objections and prospect negativity.

What should be in the short stories to tell? The summary of our offer.

Summarizing our offer into a 10 to 15-second short story is all our customers and prospects need to hear for making up their minds. At the end of the short story, if the answer is “No,” then we are done. And if they like our offer, they will ask for more information if they need it.

The short stories are merely summaries. We don’t want to pack them with fluff, facts, information, data, and all the boring stuff that people hate. With a short story, the most common sales objections and rebuttals can be overcome.

Examples of short stories for overcoming customer objections and prospect negativity:

“So here is the short story. Instead of working out at the gym to lose weight, you can drink our power shake for breakfast. Now you can manage your weight for the rest of your life.”

“So here is the short story. You lose weight by changing what you have for breakfast.”

“So here is the short story. With me, you work 2-days a week and vacation 5-days a week at full-time pay.”

“So here is the short story. Instead of commuting to work each day, you’ll get out of bed at the time you want and work when you want.”

“So here is the short story. You will wear our bracelet each day and feel your body heal faster, get leaner and look younger.”

“So here is the short story. This tea stops your skin from wrinkling at night.”

“So here is the short story. Yes, you have to send thank-you cards, holiday cards, anniversary cards and more. This service makes it easy… and cheaper.”

“So here is the short story. You drink coffee. You drink tea. And you pay a fortune at the local coffee shop or restaurant. These coffees and teas are better, healthier, taste better, and cost less.”

“So here is the short story. You take a vacation every year. Hotels, airlines, car rentals and food add up. Book your travel through us. Spend the money you save on your family.”

Let’s Review

Overcoming customer objections and prospect negativity is easy with the phrase “here is the short story.”

With our short story, we only have a few seconds to do this while our customers and prospects have an open-mind. So we have to be quick.

The phrase gives us confidence. We have the answer that delivers our message. Objection handling is easy.

No matter how bad the sales objection is, the phrase “here is the short story” removes skepticism.

So next time you hear a common sales objection such as “I don’t have the money,” or “I don’t have the time,” simply say, “here is the short story.”

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What is that we do for overcoming customer objections and prospect negativity? Use “here is the short story.” Follow it with a summary of what it is that you offer. And speak it with confidence.

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