Attract new Customers & Distributors by doing
these 3 Simple Things!

Special offers to attract new customers are powerful when we learn what makes a person say NO to what we offer and learn that they said YES to the someone else who basically offers the same thing!

We take people for granted. We assume our prospects are like us. That they see the world and feel the same way we do about our products. Wrong.

The laws of attraction tell us that special offers to attract customers must include added value and benefits for our products. Nobody wants to buy boring, me-too products.

Imagine we are selling Fat-Burner all-natural teas from the Great and Wonderful Company. If we take our products and its benefits for granted, our best deal offer sales presentation might sound something like this:

Distributor: “Buy this sachet of teas. It costs only $45.00.”

Prospect: “No, thanks. It’s not for me.”

Product promotion ideas like that are boring and not too exciting. The prospect doesn’t see any added value or benefits of purchasing the magic teas in a sachet.

We can rev up this mini-presentation by implementing these three things:

  1. Exactly what your product does.
  2. Add a story with a bit of romance to it.
  3. Make a powerful offer.

Special offers to attract customers must include these three things if you really want to sell products and get people to join your organization.

So let’s learn how to attract customers to buy your product by adding some exciting new features to it.

So instead of saying, “Buy this sachet of teas. It costs only $45.00,” say this:

“You’ll love these all-natural teas from the Amazon Rain Forest. Just drink one a day first thing in the morning and you will feel the fat melting away. They are so effective that they vaporize body fat without dieting. The best part? You will have so much energy that you will feel like you are 16 all over again, but with better judgement!”

These fat burning teas laid hidden in the Amazon Rain Forest for years to the outside world. They were only known only by primitive tribes that lived deep in the forest and hundreds of miles from civilization. They were discovered by early explorers of the Amazon. Explorers would get hungry trekking through miles and miles of forest jungle. The explorers hired primitive natives to guide them through the forest and noticed that these natives could go miles and miles without eating any food. These explorers observed these natives were drinking a crude tea from plants they stored in their leather pouches which suppressed their appetite and gave them energy. Since the explorers could not carry a lot of food because it would weigh them down, the natives offered them these teas which made them less hungry and gave them more energy. These explorers kept these teas secret for years, fearing that others would exploit the jungles and rob the forest of its rich all-natural ingredients and plant life. Then one day, one of these explorers revealed his secret to the Great and Wonderful Company.

The Great and Wonderful Company defied the evil forces of robbing the Amazon Rain Forest of its enriched plant life and trees. Instead, the Great and Wonderful Company took the seeds of these plants and paid these same indigenous natives who introduced the plant leaves to the early explorers to grow the seeds into plants for harvesting. Now, I’m making available to you, one of the rarest teas in the world for only $45.00. And that includes the free book, The Wonders of Fat Burning Teas.

See the difference? Instead of announcing that we will sell a sachet of tea for $45.00, we

  1. Told exactly what our product does.
  2. Added a romantic story.
  3. Made a powerful offer.

Look at the improved offer from the prospect’s point of view. Our sales promotion activities went from boring to exciting.

People love to brag about their purchase and show off their knowledge. Comparing the following statements, which is more interesting when talking to friends?

  • I bought a sachet of teas for $45.00, or
  • Not only will I be losing weight while I inhale buffet meal delights and drink sodas and play video games, but these once hidden teas were a secret to only primitive natives of the Amazonian Rain Forest and now I have secret to burning belly fat.

Special offers to attract customers and prospects is easy when you add these three things that make your offers sizzle.

See how special offers to attract customers by romancing the story and making it exciting can make a difference? This technique is called sales promotion in marketing. It incentivizes the customer and prospect to buy your products because you added value to the product, and you romanticized it with a story. Everyone loves a story behind the products.

Ways to attract customers to a retail business work on the same principle. Tell what the product does. Romanticize the product with a story by putting on a human face. And make a powerful offer.

Online purchase offers work the same way.

Will all our offers be this powerful and romanticized? No. we don’t want to set off the HYPE DETECTION ALARMS in our prospects with exaggerated claims.

However, we do want to make powerful offers. If our prospects love our products, they’ll love our Network Marketing business opportunity.

Special offers to attract customers work well when you know how to do it. Now you know. So let’s do it. Here is your chance to put a little romance into your offer.

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