The Definition of Closing in Network Marketing summed up in One Word

What is the definition of closing in Network Marketing? It can be summed up in one word. Help!! We help our prospect overcome their fears.

It’s helping support our prospects to overcome their fears and insecurities, so they can move forward with a YES or NO decision.

In prospecting, our jobs are to get people ready for the close. We want to waylay any fears, any hesitation, and any fear of the unknown by using statements and MLM closing questions which relax the prospects for the close.

The definition of closing in Network Marketing works for all Network Marketing closing scripts. Whether is a six-step close or a two-step close, all scripts for closing follow this definition. We help our prospects overcome their own objections, making it easier for them to close themselves.

Network Marketing training needs more on knowing how to close. It needs to teach new distributors what to say and when to say it. We don’t want to enter the closing abruptly. We want to know how to bring up the close, and how we can do that with good closing statements and questions.

For example, one way to enter a closing is to say, “Now, I would like to show you how I work with new reps, if that is okay?” Or we can say, ‘Let me show you how most of our prospects make their orders with us.” These statements create the assumption that our prospect will be joining us or buying our products. Now we can have a conversation, not a high-pressure interrogation.

When we introduce closing statements like this, we will know their objections immediately because they will tell us.

The definition of closing in Network Marketing is simply to help the prospect get ready for the close. One Network Marketing blog suggests the definition of closing in Network Marketing is to force people into a close. I highly suggest you don’t do that. Why would you do that when other options more easily work? It works because of the words we say.

What is the definition of closing in Network Marketing in one word? Help!! Let’s help our prospects overcome their fears and get them ready for the close.

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