The Phone Script with a great Opening Sentence for Prospects!

Phone skills are super important in Network Marketing.

Many new distributors suffer when it comes time to call prospects and it doesn’t help that they don’t know what to say. What new distributors need is a phone script to help them, with good opening sentence.

New distributors don’t necessarily know that they can blow their one chance to make a good impression with the first thing they say but it is true. And experienced mentors are only too aware of it. 

What most new distributors say is something like, “Hey, Joe, this is Bob. How are you doing?” Then, after they answer, the next thing they say is “Would you be interested in starting a part time home based business?”

The overwhelming answer? “No!”

Believing is half the Battle

Many times, it is not so much WHAT you say, but HOW you say it.

During a telephone conversation, if you may employ a phone script, like, “I would like to show you how you can build a nice part-time income.”

That may work for some people but you could not say that would be highly effective, right? But why?

People make decisions emotionally. They react to what they get, not to the cold, dry facts. And, the phone script you use needs to work with human nature, not against it.

The phone script is more believable when it sounds natural. The prospect immediately FEELS what you are saying and is thus more apt to believe the good things you say. 

Now, the phone script you use for cold calls needs to be different. Just as when you call leads or referrals, the approach is slightly different, as it is with people you know.

Here are is a phone conversation script to try for leads:

“Thanks for asking me to call. What type of opportunity are you looking for?”

This phone script is simple and in no way aggressive. Remember, there is no magic in the above sentence. The magic is not in what you say, but how you say it.

The best phone script for an opening sentence with prospects is:

“I see you have been looking for a way to make extra money from home. I am curious, why haven’t you found a home business that you like yet?”

For those who make a lot of calls to leads, this opening is solid. And the key to this phone script is:  . . why haven’t you found a home business that you like yet?”

The prospect hears that and they relax. And it tends to make it natural for them to talk freely, which will lead to them telling you what they want!

If you know what they want, when it comes time to tell them about your business, it’s easy.

What you will notice about these scripts is the prospect does not feel like they are being sold. And, they feel free to talk instead of being pitched.

Also, if you listen closely, then you will know how to approach these prospects in a way that will make cold calling recruiting much more pleasant.

So which of the statements in the telephone conversation script might you choose? Let me know with your comments below.

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