What to Say on Social Media when Prospects Do Not Respond!

It is often called Ghosting.

One of the hot topics in social media is what to say on social media when your prospects don’t respond.

You speak to a potential prospect about your business opportunity or products on Facebook. You build rapport instantly. Then you ask if your prospect wants to see a presentation. Your prospect agrees to watch a video that night. The next day, you follow-up and your prospect does not respond.

Three days go and still no response.

So, what do you do? Well, to warn you; what you say on social media at this point is important.

What you don’t do is to panic. We do not know if the prospect is busy, sick, has a sick relative or what is going on.. So relax

The second thing is don’t nag your prospect. For instance do send this; “Why didn’t you respond to my message?’ Or; “Did something happen to you?”

That kind of messaging reeks of desperation at worst and is full of negativity at best. And your posture is lost.

Social media marketing is, first and foremost, about building curiosity with prospects. You don’t want to suddenly ruin it when you have it.

You want to give enough information in each part of your messaging to peak curiosity with your prospects, then they ask, “What is it that you do?”

Once you are that far, never do anything to ruin that curiosity!

What to say to prospects on social media that suddenly stop responded to you — sometimes called ‘ghosting’ — is the number one topic on social media.

It is important because too many people lose business and sales because they don’t know what messaging to send when they are ghosted.

Here is what I send after 4 days:

Hey, FIRST NAME, I apologize for not getting back to you. I’ve been literally overwhelmed by people who are excited about making more money and new customers. I totally dropped the ball with you, sorry. How are things?”

That is powerful.

It builds curiosity in terms of how much money you are making, making the prospect think:

“Wow, I might be losing money!”

People on social media like social interaction but like everyone, they hate being sold. So, keep this in mind and pull them through the process instead of trying to push them through.

When you tell them how busy you’ve been, they are naturally attracted to you or pulled through the process. You no longer need to push prospects to get a presentation or buy. It’s magic!

Caution: DO NOT message more than about 40 new people a day in Facebook Messenger because you will get put in Facebook jail.

Does this response only work on certain social media platforms? No, it works on any  of the ones I have tested.

By the way, one of the great topics on social media is “what to say on social media”. This article gives you at least one more bit of information.

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