Planting Seeds with Prospects and watching them sprout in as little as 5 seconds!

A simple idea into someone’s head. It’s called planting seeds with prospects and you can watch those ideas sprout in prospects heads in as little as five seconds!

Do we have five seconds several times a day for planting seeds in prospects heads? Yes. And if we plant seeds several times a day, some will grow with no further nurturing from us.
When the seeds mature, these prospects will come to us with an open mind, looking for an opportunity. Having a steady stream of these prospects makes our Network Marketing business exciting. Planting seeds in prospects heads to germinate into leads and unending prospects makes Network Marketing fun.
Want some examples of a few phrases that would plant a seed?

  • “No leads today and no leads tomorrow. Don’t you get tired of having no leads for your business?  I think we ought to do something about it.”
  • “I just heard about Jim getting laid off his job. If Jim got laid off, would it make sense to find something where we are secure in our professions the rest of our lives?”
  • “Working 50 hours a week to build someone else’s dream sucks. There is nothing worse than working for someone else. Why not work on us building our own dream?”
  • “Buying expensive energy drinks with harsh chemicals and sugars that harm our bodies are killing us. And the sad part is we have other healthy options, and we don’t take them.”
  • “Student loans are piling up, and we are going to work like our parents for the next 40 years to pay them off. Wouldn’t it make sense to find something that we can do to make money now to pay for school and have no debt after graduation?”
  • “I might get a raise this year, or I might win the lottery. Same odds. How is your raise coming along?”
  • “I feel psychic. I see us standing here, in the exact same place, one year from now … unless we do something about it.”
  • “Wouldn’t it be a lot more convenient if we had this coffee at home, and worked from there?”
  • “There are two types of people in the world. Those that would love to be their own boss and set their own hours, and those that are okay with just a few weeks’ vacation a year approved by someone else. I have decided on being my own boss.”
  • “I hate my commute to work, getting up before sunrise and driving to work in smog and rush hour traffic, only to get home after sunset and miss what my kids have done for the day. It is time I do something about it.”

What is Our Formula?

The formula works like this: plant a seed that festers under the prospect’s skin and causes enough irritation that he will think about it throughout the day. When that irritant is pricked during the day or week by their vampire blood-sucking boss or some other bad event, the prospect will recall your words. Then he will ask you what you meant. Now, the door is open to give a presentation.
There is nothing more to planting seeds in prospects heads. And it only takes five seconds.
Knowing what to say with every situation you meet will help build an empire.
Planting seeds in prospects heads is planting what gets under the skin to fester and irritate. Then we wait for the moment when the seed matures and causes the prospects to ask for our solutions.
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