Can you easily explain the Residual Income we earn in Network Marketing to a prospect?

Here is how to do it with ease!

You are, of course, very familiar with residual income from Network Marketing. But can you explain it to a prospect in a simple way where they get it?

I ask, because if you can, you will do very well indeed in this industry. So let’s take a diver into this subject.

We are all familiar with “residual bills.” The electric bill, the gas bill, the car payment, rent.

Most of us every month pay residual bills, and most of us every month don’t get paid with residual income.

I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve heard residual income explained in the most complex terms  . . confusing prospect. We literally rob prospects of life changing information if we do this.

It’s criminal (not literally, you get what I am saying).

I’ve heard it explained as net income that an investment can earn over the minimum rate of return at a time deposit interest rate. That explanation is enough to make a fish crawl out of the water and die on dry land.

Another explanation that I’ve heard is residual income is royalty income that accrues to the owner of some company or property. That makes a prospect on hearing that to sign up immediately. No, not really. That makes them gag.

So, what is home business residual income? Sometimes it is called passive income or residual earnings.

Home business residual income is something you get at home every month before you get out of bed.

Roger Staubach is the poster boy for residual or passive income. He is known as “Captain Comeback” to NFL followers. He founded The Staubach Company that makes it money in real estate. He eventually sold it. And the company today is worth $640 million.

Passive income investments are more than investments with Network Marketing. It can include everything from real estate investment to lending. Network Marketing among all the ways to make passive income is the only one with minimum risk and a small amount of investment.

Home business residual income is the opposite of residual bills. It is monthly residual income that comes to us month after month after month. Home business residual income means we do something right ONE TIME and then get paid for that event repeatedly.

We refer a customer to our company. Every month that our customer buys, we get paid. It is simple, and a very good way to offset those residual bills.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we received from our home business opportunity residual checks every month that paid all those residual bills?

That would mean we could take our regular paychecks from our ordinary jobs and spend it on ourselves.

Compare that to the what people every month go through. Many people are depressed. They work away from their families 40 to 60 hours a week. When they get their paycheck, it all goes to residual bills with nothing left for themselves and their loved-ones.

And they feel trapped with no exit. They work all their lives. All their earnings go to others. No wonder they are depressed.

Network Marketing helps us to get ahead. More money for us, and we get ahead of all those residual bills.

Home business residual income made easy and simple.  It is something we are paid at home every month before we get out of bed. How easy and simple is that?

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