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Why Network Marketing Works Well Among Young and Old

This simple explanation is why Network Marketing works well among young and old. This illustration is the best way for companies to connect with customers.

The truth about Network Marketing success is its personal touch among all age groups.

Subaru is the most advertised car in North America. The Subaru Outback is Subaru’s most expensive luxury SUV’s sold. When you ask 100 millennials and 100 senior citizens if they’ve heard of a Subaru Outback, all would raise their hands.

But if you ask the same number of people if they own a Subaru Outback, you’d only get 3 to 4 people among both groups who would raise their hands.

How can that be? Because advertising does not have that personal connection that we have with Network Marketing.

What We Value Among All Else

Why Network Marketing works so well? Is it because of a 30-second commercial on television? Or is it because of a personal recommendation from a friend? 

Why Network Marketing works well among young and old is what Network Marketing brings to the table… a personal connection that advertising on television cannot match.

Network Marketing companies are the fastest growing companies in the world. And their success is in their distributors and team mates. They are on the frontline recommending and promoting things to friends and family that they like.

Not everyone likes a Subaru Outback. Everyone does love something. And why Network Marketing works well is because there is something in Network Marketing that everybody likes. From cars to insurance to health and wellness to everything in between, everybody can find something with Network Marketing that they like and can recommend to friends and family.

What do we value among all else? What is recommended to us from people we know.

That is why Network Marketing works well among young and old. All types of Network Marketing work successfully because of the personal touch.

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