Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

My Network Marketing mentor

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter has been my mentor since 2008.

Following in his foot steps, I have made Network Marketing a success. I owe a great deal to this mentor, teacher, trainer, coach author, speaker and friend. One way of achieving success is to stand on the shoulders of giants. Tom is the person on whose shoulders I choose to stand. Let’s learn from his wisdom. Give a warm welcome to Tom “Big Al” Schreiter.

“Can You Pass This Sponsoring Test?”
Quick. Make your choice. Which of these two choices would you want the most when sponsoring people?
1. Finding the right prospect for your business, or …
2. Saying and doing the right things.
The answer? Try this.
We go to your local shopping mall. I want you to pick out a random person. Maybe it is an assistant manager just leaving his car, coming to work. Walk up and give that person $100. Will that person react? Of course. That person might say:
— “Wow. That was really nice. Thank you.”
—  “Got any more money?”
— “What a great surprise!”
— “This is going to be a great day!”
— “What is the catch?”
This would seem like a quite normal reaction.
Now, let’s try this exercise again.
Again, we go to your local shopping mall. We pick out the same assistant manager leaving his car. This time we walk up to him and give him … a big punch in the nose!
How will that person react? Oh my! A lot different. He might even punch us back in the nose!
Now, let’s consider these two scenarios.
We have the exact same person, the assistant manager.
Two totally different behaviors. First time, a happy person. Second time? A very unhappy person.
So ask yourself this question: “Does the reaction and behavior of this random person have anything to do with that person … or everything to do with what we said and did?”
And that is the secret to sponsoring!
Our prospects are neutral … until they meet us. After they meet us, our prospect will react to what we say and do.
Good news!
What does this mean to us as sponsors? This means that sponsoring new people is within our control. We can control how prospects react to us.
How do we control how our prospects react to us? Easy. We simply say better words in the beginning our our conversations. That is why creating great “ice breakers” are crucial to our success in sponsoring new distributors.
Of the 25 basic skills of network marketing, “ice breakers” is one of the four core skills.
Want to see quicker results in our business? All we have to do is to create new and better “ice breaker” phrases.
Tom “Big Al” Schreiter
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