Deal with the Cost of Network Marketing in the beginning of the presentation!

"How much does it cost?"

Dealing with “how much does it cost” upfront makes it easy to give a presentation. Without getting the cost out of way, the presentation won’t matter.

You are talking on social media with the perfect prospect. You’ve said all the right words and you know you have that person’s ear. Then the dreaded moment arrives.

This is the moment you talk about the cost of your Network Marketing business, throwing out a number, like $195, what happens next is the prospect doesn’t answer!

Ever had these kinds of situations? How do you handle them?

How about this instead? You say upfront that “I don’t want to waste your time” and then “there is a cost to getting started in this business” . . they always ask “How much?” Then you tell them “However, the amount is optional. “Which is better for you to get started, spending $195 or $995?”

The prospect I can’t afford $995, it will have to be $195!”.

Getting the cost of Network Marketing out of the way is easy. What is not easy is how you go about doing it. Check out this other post I did – because knowing trained words helps.

Most Network Marketers say something like this:

“The cost to join is $195 but you’ll make that back in your first month.”

The minute you throw out the figure, the prospect “ghosts” you on Social Media.

You could also approach it like this:

… “Before I show you this business, I don’t want you to worry about the cost. This isn’t going to cost you $50,000 and a second mortgage on your home, like in Franchising and there are options in the startup cost. In fact the most you might consider spending is $______. So even if you invested the maximum, it is small compared to other businesses and you can earn that money back in as little as 1 month.”

Easy and simple, right?

We get the cost out of the way, and now, our prospects can hear the good things in our presentation that we have to say.

Getting the cost of Network Marketing out of the way before the presentation guarantees the cost objection is neutralized.

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