Words that Attract Attention, causing people to repeatedly buy Health & Wellness Products

Boring salesman get boring results. People don’t buy from boring salesman. They make decisions to buy on words that attract attention.

Add attention getting words to words that solve people’s problems and you have the right combination of people repeatedly wanting to buy our health and wellness products.

Want an example?

— Psyllium and Chicory Inulin in our products keep you regular.

— Our scientists are certified by standards set by the national scientific certification boards Bioprotein Colostrium and Bioferrin.

— Pharmaceutical-grade products are found in our vitamins.

— Ingredients grown in the Amazonian Rain Forest are in our patented propriety formulas.

— Our supernatural ingredients are organically grown by indigenous farmers of the Chinese province of Yunnan.

Are those words that attract attention, or are they words that put you to sleep? To sleep, right?

So, people do not buy from boring salesman, and they don’t buy from boring facts. What triggers their minds to make decisions to buy our goods, services and opportunity?

Busy Lives Mean a Cluttered Mind

People live busy lives. Busy lives mean lives with details that clutter the mind. I must pick up the kids from school at 4 pm and take Little Johnny to ball practice at 5 pm and Little Jill to piano practice at 6 pm. In between I need to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy and rush over to my mother-in-law and deliver it.

Add to that the 100 other details in their minds that are going on and people just don’t have time to listen to boring facts and figures.

People want two things to break up the monotony. Words that attract attention to liven up their dull and boring routines, and words that help solve their problems.

Interesting word phrases are words that attract attention and penetrate people’s lack of interest and solve their problems. So instead of talking on boring words like Psyllium, Chicory Inulin, national scientific certification boards, pharmaceutical-grade products, patented propriety formulas and supernatural ingredients, we should focus on words that attract attention and solve people’s problems.

When to Use Words that Attract Attention

Time is a great teacher. Over time we learn better things. We learn how to say better words. Better words motivate people to join, buy and continue using our health products, services and opportunity.

When do we use catchy phrases to attract customers?

Words that attract attention BEFORE the sale and words that attract attention at THE TIME of a sale are words that make a difference.

— Stronger is better than weakness.

— Feel like 16 again that is too fit to quit.

— Turn fat into fit.

— Your body hears everything your mind says.

— Better three minutes too soon with our immune supporting teas than three minutes too late with viruses and germs.

— I am strong and I am energized is better than I am strong and I am tired.

— Get a jump on your day with instant energy in a drink.

— One of the first symptoms of heart disease is instant death.

— Wake up in the morning feeling like a million dollars.

— Have more energy than our grandkids, so they whine, ‘Grandma! Grandma! Slow down, I can’t keep up!’

— Fall asleep within seven minutes of our heads touching the pillow.

— If we don’t take care of our body, then where are we going to live?

— Build a killer immune system, so nothing will take us out.

Problem Solvers

Words that attract attention get even better.

What if we could alter the mindsets of our prospects? Instead of them looking on us as salesman, they perceive us as problem-solvers.

How do we change their mindsets? By changing OUR MINDSETS. Prospects react to our mindsets. All the past experiences and thinking of the prospect react to our current mindsets. If we change our mindsets, we will instantly change our results.

One way of changing our mindset is to see ourselves as people who solve other people’s problems.

Words that attract attention with words that solve problems are marketing words to attract customers.

Team Rep: Everybody says if we don’t take care of our body, then where are we going to live? I show people over 50 how to live longer. Would you like to know more?

Prospect: Yes. Tell me more.

Team Rep: There is an old saying better three minutes too soon with our immune supporting teas than three minutes too late with viruses and germs. I help moms build up their children’s immune system to fight off everything they are exposed at school. Would you like to know more?

Prospect: That sounds great. Yes, tell me more.

Team Rep: You’ve heard it said turn fat into fit? I help people to burn fat off their bodies without going to gym or eating funny tasting foods. Would you like to know more?

Prospect: Of course. Who wouldn’t?

Team Rep: Everybody would like to feel 16 again that is too fit to quit. I show people how to feel like 16 all over again but with better fitness. Would you like to know more?

Prospect: Yes. Tell me more.

Team Rep: Well, you know how being strong and energized are better than being strong and tired? I show people how to energize and strengthen their bodies instantly without exercise or drinking caffeine and sugar-powered energy drinks. Would you like to know more?

Prospect: Would I? Please tell me.

We make our careers as professional Network Marketers easier if we use magic words that attract attention by solving problems BEFORE we start our conversations and at THE TIME we start our conversations.

Our prospects want to make instant decisions. They want to make decisions instantly to get it out of the way of their cluttered minds. The less clutter, the better decisions can be made. They have other things more important in their lives to do.

So, we help prospects make instant decision with words that attract attention and words that solve people’s problems.

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