Network Marketing Icebreakers that are persuasive!

How to turn the Young & Old into hot prospects.

Want more young people who can bring energy to your team? Want more mature people who can bring to your team years of wisdom and experience?  Then you want icebreakers that persuasive.

It is impossible to sell or sponsor if we don’t have interested prospects. How do we get prospects? We start with icebreakers that persuade.

Icebreakers that persuade are a way of introducing our business in a social conversation with zero rejection. Icebreakers that persuade move the conversation from social chit-chat and introduce our business to prospects in a socially-acceptable way.

You need both young and old to help your team grow. The young have energy to keep a team motivated. The mature adds wisdom and experience that keep a team on the right path.

There are ways to reach young people that won’t work on a mature prospect. And there are ways to reach mature people that won’t work on a young prospect.

Icebreakers work for young and old. They can be used by mature people on the young, and they can be used by young people on the old. It is win-win when everybody is on an equal playing field for prospecting and recruiting. With icebreakers that persuade, the young have equal access to mature people, and the old have equal access to young people.

Icebreakers for Younger Prospects

Here are some icebreakers to say to younger prospects

— I show students without going into debt how to buy their own college education and retire in 5 years.

— How about a career where all you had to do was take 5 coffee breaks a day, and chit-chat on social media with people?

— Well, you know how our parents worked and worked for 45 years with little money to retire on? I just found out how to work 5 years and retire at full pay.

— Would it be okay if every week you could be paid for having a 5-day fun weekend?

— Well, you know how working at a desk for 40 hours a week is drag on our social life? I just found out how we can have a career that pays us for having a social life and is more fun than working in an office.

— I just found out how to set our own work schedule so we can travel and have fun?

— I show people how to get an extra paycheck without interfering with what they are currently doing.

— Well, you know how student loan payments makes life tough? I found out how to get them paid off, without touching your salary.

— I am just curious, would you like to take a holiday, and have someone else pay for it?

— Would it be okay if you could retire when you graduate college?

— What are your two biggest job search problems?

Icebreakers for Mature Prospects

And here are icebreakers that persuade to say to the mature people.

— Well, you know how we work and work and at age 65 we can think about retiring at 1/3 the pay? I just found out how we can retire 10 years early at full pay.

— I show people over 65 how to get an extra paycheck to pay all the bills so they never have to spend their retirement pay.

— Well, you know how debt over the years piles up on us without us ever getting ahead? I just found out how to pay off all our debt in 5 years and never see another bill again?

— I am just curious; would you like to take a paid 5-day weekend every week?

— Would it be okay if you tried this business, so you could travel with your spouse and never see another bill again?

— Would it be okay if you fire your boss?

— I show people over 50 how to pick their own hours for work.

— I just found out how we can get an extra $1,500 tax refund every month.

— Would it be okay you earned more money?

— I show people how to start their own part-time business to create wealth quickly.

— What are your two biggest problems with retirement?

Influence icebreakers focus on a problem and offer a glimpse into a solution. It offers enough of a glimpse into a solution that get prospects to engage in asking for more information.

The Formula

How can we create icebreakers? Know the formula.

— I just found out + Great Benefit.

— Would it be okay if + Great Benefit.

— I show people how to + Solve a Problem.

— I am just curious + Great Benefit.

— Well, you know how + Problem + I just found out + Solve a Problem.

— What are your two biggest __________ problems?

With the formula, we now have the ability to create hundreds of icebreakers on the fly to introduce our business, services and opportunity in any social conversation without embarrassment. 

Icebreakers that persuade are icebreakers used by the young on the old with zero rejection and used by the old on the young with glad acceptance.

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