Prospecting Success is the result of Who We Talk to and What We Say

Prospecting success is about habits. The better habits we form, the better success we will have. Knowing who to talk to and what to say are habits to learn. Prospecting your way to sales success with bad habits ends… badly.

When we procrastinate, we have formed a bad habit. How do we break it? Form better habits. One way of forming better habits is to make a quotable saying as part of your vocabulary.

Don’t believe me? Try this: To move away from procrastination, we can say to ourselves, “If not now, when?” Repeat it for a week every time we procrastinate, and we will become motivated enough to move from inactivity to doing something about it.

Successful prospecting is two habits.

Habit #1: Who are we talking to? Prospecting success is knowing who our audience is. Most of us can learn the right words to say. Few of us know who to talk to.

There are two types of Network Marketers in the world? Those that talk to a group of people who are not presold and don’t want what we offer? And those that talk to a group of people who are presold and want all that we offer?

Which two types is better? Network Marketers that talk to people who are presold and want all that we offer.

Finding this mysterious presold group of people can be hard.

And if we cannot find these mysterious groups of pre-sold people who are desperate for what we have to offer, then we have to revert to Habit #2: “What we say to people.”

Prospecting success is knowing what to say. Better words will get us more presold prospects.

Habit #2: “What do we say to people?” Prospecting success requires people, and people are … people. What makes a difference with people? What we say. We can turn an ordinary group of people into hot presold prospects begging us for our products by the words we say.

We should ask ourselves these questions:

— What words come out of mouth when I meet a new prospect?

— Do I have words that clearly describe my offer?

— What words do I use to disable the salesman alarm with prospects?

— What words do I use to get prospects in the decision-making part of the brain to say YES to our offer?

Yes, words are important.

I am not discounting that we can say average things to a group of people that are desperate for what we want. I am just pointing out that those groups are hard to find. And we may want to start getting bonus checks while waiting for these mysterious groups to appear.

What are successful prospecting strategies? Prospecting success is habits. Form better habits to get better results. The habit of who to talk to and the habit of what to say.

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