The Power of Curiosity and How it Works in Prospecting

Curiosity is powerful and hypnotic. The power of curiosity can move people to buy and join when they never thought of buying and joining.

A Network Marketer is talking to us about the great features of his product, but we are not listening. We are thinking of how much will it cost, do we have the time, and what can it do for us.

Network Marketers talk. Prospects are not listening.

Big problem, correct? We have a message. For the prospect to join or buy, he must hear our message.

The problem is how do we get our message from our brains into the brains of our prospects, so they will hear the good things our message has to offer.

Here is an easy baby step that we can take to get more prospects to hear the good things we say.

Use the power of curiosity.

Want an example?

— “This tea does things to your body that you would never have guessed.” (Now the prospect eagerly awaits the answer).

We answer, “You lose weight and have more energy without eating funny foods or going to the gym.”

That was easy, wasn’t it? With the power of curiosity, the prospect listened.

Want another example?

— We ask a university student: “Do you know what your reward is for graduating university?” The student says, “No.” (And anxiously awaits our answer.)

We answer: “45 years of hard labor.”

Why curiosity is important? Getting a prospect to listen is a skill. We can’t just go out and do social chit-chat, oral diarrhea, and data dumps on prospects. That doesn’t work.

Our job is to learn how to get a specific message heard and internalized by our prospects.

What are the Benefits of Curiosity?

The benefits of curiosity are to help people survive and expand their knowledge.

People must survive, and they must learn, or they die.  

Why is curiosity important for learning? Curiosity encourages people to know. It helps people to explore and discover new things. The brain is built to learn. It cannot be idle.

We want to know or else what we don’t know may harm us. We want to learn or else what we don’t learn could stunt our mental growth.

The power of curiosity relieves those two problems.

The power of curiosity? Good for building rapport. Good without giving away all our power to get people to ask what we have to offer.

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