Are we better off Pushing Products or Solutions?

Simple effective ideology for Network Marketing

The Products or solutions debate is simple. If you push products you will end up with very little or zero results. If you bring solutions to problems you will experience the opposite!

Network Marketing is a problem-solving business.

Many of us push products. Others push links. Some push the business. Professionals offer solutions.

Which should we push? Products or solutions? Solutions.

When we push products, our prospects resist. They reject us.

When we push solutions to problems, prospects are attracted to us. They accept us.

We want our prospects to say, ‘Please tell me more.”

The secret of getting prospects to say, “tell me more?” Make our opening statements about Network Marketing interesting enough that it peaks prospect curiosity to ask for more information.

Our job is to solve problems. Network Marketing exists to solve problems. Solutions can be found from the benefits of our goods, services and opportunities.

Sit down and list 10 benefits of your business opportunity and 10 benefits each of your products and services. The formula to list the benefits is simple: “Our PRODUCT helps…” And, “our BUSINESS helps…”

We list benefits, not features. Features are what a thing is. Features are free websites, the history of our company, the list of ingredients in our products.

Benefits tell us what a thing can do to solve a problem.

— Our liquid Nighty Night helps people sleep at night and wake up feeling like a million dollars.

— Our immune support tea helps people immune themselves against colds, flu, germs and viruses at school and the office.

— Our opportunity helps people travel the world at full pay.

— Our business helps people double their pension in 5 years.

— Our electrical services help reduce electric bills to free.

— Our wearable technology helps people lose weight and grow stronger.

— Our car bonus car program eliminates car payments.

— Our business helps people have an extra paycheck each month without interfering with their jobs.

— Our anti-aging product helps people keep wrinkles away an extra 15 years.

— Our affiliate program helps Network Marketers get 10 out of 10 leads and signup 10 out of 10 people on social media a week.

Now that we have the benefits listed, we can push solutions to problems rather than push products.

How? Formulas.

The Formulas

Formulas follow a simple sequence of words and are easy to remember. They push products, services and our business with problem-solving solutions.

Remember the sequence of words and you can create endless ways to push solutions to problems without the need to push products.

The next time someone asks, “What do you do for a living?”, answer with these exact words, “I show people how to… + a benefit.”

—- I show people how to sleep at night and wake up feeling like a million dollars.

— I show people how to immune their kids at school from germs, viruses, and flus without going to the doctor or pharmacist.

— I show people how to cut their electric bill to zero.

— I show people buy a new car every year without making a single payment.

— I show people how to keep wrinkles away an extra 15 years.”

— I show people how to double their pension in 5 years.

— I show people how to get 10 out 10 YES commitments on Facebook from 10 out of 10 prospects a day.

The formula “I show people how to… + a benefit” offers a solution to a problem.

Another one?

We are chatting with a new friend on Facebook. We want to introduce our products, services and goods to our new friend.

What can we say to him that will get zero rejection? Soundbites.

Soundbites push products, services and our business without being… well, pushy.

Soundbites find problems with subtle YES and NO questions. When the prospect answers YES, we can give answers that solve the problem.

— Hate wrinkles and want to rid them forever? YES. I found how to remove wrinkles while we sleep.

— Does this job interfere with your week? YES. I found how to work 15-hours a week at full wages so we have time to do the things we want to do.

— Want a fat-burning formula that works 24 hours a day, even when you are eating? YES. I found how to melt pounds off our bellies and still enjoy the things we eat.

— Have a dream-sucking, vampire boss? YES. I found how to fire our boss at full pay.

— Enjoy 5-star holidays for the price of a budget hotel? YES. I found how to get 5-star travel at 1-star prices.

The formula is to put the problem in form of an interesting YES and NO question. When the prospect answers YES, we give them the solution with “I found how to…”

Push products without solutions to problems and you get zero results. Let’s push solutions to problems to attract the most people.

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