The Perfect Facebook Comment to Start a Conversation about Network Marketing

Many people struggle with the perfect Facebook comment to start a conversation about Network Marketing. It is a struggle that easily can be overcome.

We are daily liking and commenting to posts on Facebook groups. We want to meet new people and make friends. We want to recruit and get new customers. We are not sure how to respond to posts to get the ball rolling.

— You seem nice.

— I like your enthusiasm.

— I like your post. I am just curious, what do you do for a living?

We compliment the person. You’ve heard the old saying, “Flattery gets you nowhere.” It will get you nowhere on Facebook if you compliment the person.

Here are some general rules for the perfect Facebook comment.

— Ask multiple choice questions… do not ask open-ended questions.

— Keep it short.

— Like and comment.

— Offer some valuable information.

— Don’t use “I” but use “you.”

— Do not post links or some spill about your goods, services and opportunities.

— Make awesome comments for Facebook photos.

The Most Important Rule

The most important rule to follow on posting comments is do not compliment the person. Compliment the person’s accomplishment. It is the perfect Facebook comment. It also works on Facebook live comments.

— You are good at the way your posts engage people to like and comment.

— Your posts make people smile.

— Your posts are well thought out and make people feel relaxed.

— Your posts make people feel comfortable.

— You are a natural at helping people get ahead with a side business.

— You have the gift of gab at entertaining people.

— Your post gives important information that helps people fire their boss tomorrow.

— Your post is engaging and shows people how to get a five-star vacation at one-star prices.

— Your post is a natural at helping people get paid full-time working three days a week.

— Your post is a natural at helping people think like a millionaire.

— Your post is a natural at helping people lose weight without going to the gym or eating funny foods.

— Your post works well at helping people change a dead-end career. 

— Your post works well at helping people take a six-month vacation twice a year and hire their boss to do the work.

The perfect Facebook comment is easy. Use “YOU” more so than “I” and compliment the person’s achievements made by the post.

Move the Conversation to Facebook Messenger

What happens when the person responds to our comments?

— Move the conversation to Facebook messenger. Don’t keep the conversation in the open group for everyone to see. It may embarrass the person.

— Talk about our prospects. They are their favorite subjects. Yes, prospects are selfish and think about themselves a lot. Don’t talk about ourselves, our opportunity or our products. We find that interesting, but our prospects don’t.

— Talk about a problem our prospects have. Problems are more interesting than benefits in our prospects’ minds. This helps us move up to #1 in their attention.

— Offer solutions to prospects’ problems made by our products, services and opportunities Don’t mention the name of our goods, services or opportunities or give them links. Only when the prospects ask for more information do we give them links to information.

What happens if our prospects get off the subject?

— When our prospects talk, they love it when we listen. But what if our prospects talk forever about uninteresting tales of their favorite pet? How can we tactfully get our prospects to talk about problems in their lives that we may be able to help with? Try these words:

— “Very interesting. I am just curious _______” and then change the subject so that our prospects talk about the new subject we directed them to.

Clever things to post on Facebook are okay. The perfect Facebook comment is the comment that speaks of the person’s accomplishments. It gets the highest engagement and moves the conversation along.

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