Too Many Choices for Prospects Equal Very Few YES Decisions

Make it easy on prospects. Too many choices equal more NO decisions than YES. If we present too much information, there is too much for our prospects to think about.

A farmer sets up a booth of his famous homemade jams. Every few hours, the farmer switches from offering a selection of 12 jams to a group of 6 jams to a group of 2 jams. On the average, customers, regardless of the number of choices, tasted two jams.

The interesting part is twenty percent of customers were drawn to the 24 jam variety and bought none. Twenty percent stopped by the 6-choice variety and bought none. Sixty percent were drawn to the 2-choice variety and bought all the jams.

Faced with too many options made it difficult for customers to choose. Eliminating consumer choices can greatly reduce anxiety for customers and prospects.

Too many choices equal too much resistance and no sales and no new customers. We call this choice overload.

— If I have to sell, how big is the market?

— Will my prospects want to buy from me or not?

— I don’t understand the compensation plan?

— Do I feel qualified to do this?

If prospects can’t answer these questions in their minds, there will be no new sales and no new signups. More is less. Too many choices equal stress.

Instead of giving prospects too many choices, try focusing on a single decision.

— Do you want to learn how to do this business?

— Do you want to be in business with me, or not?

— Do you want to buy this tea or this coffee?

— Do you want the platinum plan or the silver plan?

Or maybe this could be the lone decision we give our prospects.

— Do you want to start a business now to change your life, or do you want to keep your life the same?

— Do you want to start this diet drink to change your life, or do you want to keep your weight the same?

Our prospects will love us for making their decisions easier.

Too many choices equal too much stress and very few sales and very few signups. Let’s make our prospects decisions easier. Limit our choices and limit our information equal increased sales and increased signups.

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