Two POWER WORDS that get prospects to listen!

There are many power words and phrases. Two power words among the rest stand out. They let our prospects know to listen closely.

— Our compensation plan has several bonuses. Two bonuses are crowd-pleasers, which means you can have a monthly paycheck for car payments and a monthly paycheck for home mortgage payments.

— This product has our best bio-absorb technology, which means it goes into your bloodstream and rejuvenates your body in as little as 15-minutes.

— Our wearable technology provides real time health monitoring, which means it provides continuous health status feedback of your heart, blood pressure, fatigue, GPS location and vital signs 24/7/365.

— Our business opportunity pays you what you are truly worth, which means it pays you full-time monthly income with no limits working part-time 15 hours a week.

— Our people earn free holidays every year, which means unlimited five-star vacations with no money out of your pocket.

— Our opportunity is in the health and wellness business, which means people every day around the world drink our healthy teas, coffees, energy drinks, smoothies and shakes to get leaner, healthy and stronger for an active youthful lifestyle.

— Our people never have to pay their electric bills again, which means you get two people to follow you in this business, your electric bill is paid in full every month.

“Which means” are two power words that draw prospect attention and force us to be clear and concise.

Vagueness leads to No Sales or No Signups

Prospects hate vague meanings. They like benefits that tell them exactly what the benefit can do for them.

Two power words “which means” are two power words for sales and signups. Vagueness equals resistance to our products, services and opportunities. “Which means” are two power words and phrases that make it easier on prospects to make YES decisions.

Without YES decisions, we make no money and have no success.

Two power words make all the difference. It gives prospects a clear picture of what we offer. It forces us to talk clearly.

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