Follow Up with that Prospect Who Forgot about the Event

Dealing with No Shows & those who forgot about the Network Marketing company event

Time to follow up with that important prospect. In our previous conversations with him, we told him all this good information.

— We have the best products.

— We have the best pay plan.

— We have the best testimonials.

We asked him if he would look at our website or video presentation. He agreed he would.

It is time to follow up and now, our prospect admits forgetting all that information. He admits to not seeing our company presentation.


Following up our conversation with the prospect that can’t remember what good information we gave him and has not seen our presentation is a big letdown.

What do we do?

Don’t panic. Let it slide and agree with him. That is the first rule of rapport.

Don’t embarrass our prospect by saying things like this:

— You promised you were going to watch it.

— Don’t you understand how important the timing is?

— I only have time for serious people.

— You’re going to miss the boat.

— I can’t believe you just don’t get it.

You don’t want to discard prospects because they did not follow our plan. You want a long-term relationship with them. Those kinds of statements activate resistance. We begin to sound like a salesman that high-pressures his customers into buying.

What to Say?

We don’t want to follow up with words of embarrassment and disgrace.

The need to follow up is important. It is what we say that is most important.

What should we say? Agreement.

— I understand.

— It is okay.

Yes, those are complete sentences. The time to follow up is the time of agreement with simple sentences.

— I understand. That’s no problem. Timing is the most important thing. Would it be okay if I keep in touch from time to time? To find out how you are doing and to let you know how we are doing?

— It is okay. I completely understand. Timing is everything. Would it be okay if I keep in touch from time to time? To find out how you are doing and to let you know how we are doing?

What do you say next if the prospect is silent? Reopen the conversation.

Since the prospect forgot our information and forgot to see our company presentation, we can reopen the conversation by asking this simple question:

— What would you like to know first?

This will reveal what the prospect is really interested in. “Do people really like these products?” Tell me again how the pay plan works.” How many hours will I have to work?” All buying signs.

If he really is interested he will let you know.

If he really is not interested he will also let you know: “I am not interested.” “I don’t have the time.” No, thank you.” All signs they are not interested.

Is there a time of no follow up? No. Always follow up.

Time to follow up with prospects who forgot to see our presentation is the time to agree. Don’t argue. Don’t embarrass them. Just agree. This is the follow up.

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