Prospects are All Around Us if We Just Listen

Prospects are found everywhere. Prospects are all around us if we observe and listen. Here is how I started building my business back in 2008.

Prospects are all around us at work.

We are at work. Someone starts a conversation. They immediately start telling us all of their problems.

In the past, we would simply roll our eyes and wish we were somewhere else. But now, we are in network marketing. Our opportunity, products, and/or services can solve the problems of others. This is our chance to become a problem solver.

Prospects are all around us on social media.

We meet a new person on Facebook. In our chats together, our new friend tells us that they want to lose weight and have tried several different diets. We listen and then we ask the simple question, “Would you like to do something about it?” Our friend says, ‘YES.” Now we have not only a new friend but also a new prospect that we can match our weight loss product with their problem of losing weight.

Prospects are all around us at a party.

We are invited to a birthday party. We are sitting around eating cake. A person comes up to us and in our conversation, they tell us they are not pleased with their jobs. Instantly they reveal a problem and we have the solution.

See how easy it is to match a problem with the benefits of our products and opportunity? Prospects are all around us if only we listen.

So the next time we hear someone complain, let’s celebrate. Because if people didn’t have a problem, they wouldn’t need us. Prospects are all around us. Let’s listen and let’s observe. We won’t ever run out of prospects.

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