The Law of Reaction and What It Could Do for Network Marketing

People react. They react to events. They react to words. The law of reaction is part of our DNA to survive. We duck if something is thrown at us. We jump when there is a loud noise. We shun people who yell at us.

People are like ping pong balls. They go through life reacting to and bouncing back and forth between words and deeds.

The law of reaction says for every action, there is a reaction. Sounds like the law of action and reaction by Newton, and it is.

People are built for the law of reaction 100% of the time. That is Sir Isaac Newton’s the third law of reaction. That is good news for us.

No, I am not trying to be a mathematician or physicist like Newton, but the law of reaction remains equally the same for everybody.

— Do people join your business… or join you? If people are reactive, that means they simply react to you, not your business.

— Do women react one way if we tell them, “Your face would stop a clock” … or do they react a different way if we say to them, “When I look at your face, time stands still.” If women are reactive, they would react with disgust at the first statement and react favorably at the second statement.

So the law of reaction works on everybody.

What about Network Marketing?

Think like this. Prospects are neutral… until they meet us.

They become good prospects, or they become bad prospects by reacting to us on what we say and what we do. That means we don’t have to go out and look for hot, prospects anymore. That means we create prospects with everybody we know and meet.

Finding good prospects by what we say and what we do is better than searching for them.  Finding good prospects is meaningless if we only turn them bad with what we say and what we do.

People are attracted to people and not to businesses. People are attracted to people on what people say and do. If we say the wrong thing and do the wrong thing, people would react one way. If we say the right thing and do the right thing, people would react a different way.

So instead of trying to change prospects, simply change what you say and do, and your prospects will react differently. The law of reaction proves to be true.

Some Examples

Examples of the law of action and reaction.

— Would you like to join Network Marketing? Or, I show people how to retire in 5 years at full pay. Would you like to know more?

— We would like you to sell health and wellness products. Or, we are in the health and wellness business, which means our products help people live longer, have more energy, get stronger and leaner and could retire them from their jobs in 5 years at full pay. Would you like to know more?

— I ask my team mates to attend a company event that I make excuses not to attend. Or, I attend the company event and ask my prospects to follow.

— I make it complicated to do Network Marketing and ask my team mates to duplicate. Or, I make Network Marketing easy to do and ask my team mates to duplicate.

— I have the perfect opportunity for you. Or, Well, you know how commuting to work takes up a lot of our free time from family and work. I found how to stop the commute to work at full pay without leaving our home. Would you like to know more?

Which would the prospect and team members react to the most? The first statement or action? Or the second statement or action? The second statement or action, of course.

The law of reaction remains the same with everybody. People react one way or the other. So, lets learn what to say and what to do to get people reacting favorably to Network Marketing.

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