How to start a Conversation about Network Marketing

It is critical that we remain conversational or social when we do this

Everybody has problems. Everybody wants solutions to their problems. Learn how to find problems or uncover people’s problems and you will know how to start a social conversation about Network Marketing.

Here is the formula.

— Problem.

— Solution.

— Break in communication.

— Presentation.

— Closing.

We will mention a problem to start a social conversation about Network Marketing and offer a solution. A break in communication with a presentation and closing follows.

Examples to start a social conversation about Network Marketing.

YOU: I am just curious, can you do me a favor?


YOU: I am looking for people who need more income (Problem), do you know anyone like that?

PROSPECT: Yea, me.

YOU: Well, I just found out how to get an extra paycheck every month without having to get a part time job. (Solution). Hey, are you hungry, want to grab some lunch?(Break in Communication).

PROSPECT: Wait a minute. Let’s talk about it now.

YOU: Okay, I can provide a complete explanation, the only problem is would take an entire minute. When will you have a whole minute to heat it?

PROSPECT: Right now.

YOU: Awesome, if you were to have an extra paycheck every month, how much extra income would you like to earn?

PROSPECT: $2,000 a month

YOU: That is doable. Well, let me explain this, are you ready?


YOU:  All we do is help people get an account with a company that makes the kinds of products everyone uses everyday, from cleaning the house to bathing & showering to skincare and makeup, they have it all. People really love the company for 3 reasons; the products are higher quality than what we buy at Walmart but don’t cost more, these products are made in the U.S., which is a bog deal for most people, and because the company gives every new customer $100 worth of free product just for changing where they shop! If you wan tot earn $2000 a month, all you would have to do is share this terrific shopping option with 1 person a day and after 2 months, you would make that much or more! (Presentation). Well, that’s it, what do you think? (Closing).

That is how it’s done. Now let me give you some examples for products to start a social conversation?

YOU: How many pounds overweight should we be at age 50? (Problem).

PROSPECT: When you put it like that, none.

YOU: Yep, we should not be overweight at any age. I found out how to lose 1 lb. a day without going to the gym or eating expensive funny foods. Would you like to know how? (Solution).

PROSPECT: Yes, of course.

YOU: I can give you a complete presentation, but it would take an entire 30 seconds. When could you set aside a whole 30 seconds?

PROSPECT: Now, is a good time.

YOU: If you were to try our program, how much extra weight would you want to lose?

PROSPECT: 30 lbs.

YOU: Awesome, we are in the health and wellness business, which means people every day drink our healthy teas and coffees to lose weight and gain more energy. To lose 30 lbs. all you have to do is get a 90-day supply of our healthy teas and coffees and consume them every day for 30 days. At the end of 30 days, continue to drink our great tasting weight loss teas and coffees for another 60 days to keep your weight off for good. Then at the end of 90 days you can decide to stop our weight loss teas and coffees or continue to drink them because of the health benefits and cost savings over the same teas and coffees you buy in a store. (Presentation). That is whole explanation. So, what do you think? (Closing).

See how easy it is to start a social conversation about Network Marketing or its products? The 5-step formula helps. It works with Facebook conversations and everyday conversations with family, friends and strangers.

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