What is Rapport & Why It is so important in Network Marketing?

What is rapport? Influencing people with facts that build trust and belief. The difference between a top influencer and an unemployed banker? Rapport.

Jim gives a perfect presentation on Facebook to a perfect prospect and does not make the sale.

Sally talks to the same perfect prospect. Sally starts with two facts that the prospect agrees with in her opening message and makes the sale. Sally always makes the sale even if she is incompetent with the rest of the conversation.

Professionals know that the sale is made before the presentation is made. In fact, professionals make the sale in the first seven seconds after they open their mouths.

What is rapport? The difference between making money and being broke. What is good rapport? Prospects trusting us in the first 7 seconds on opening our mouths.

Prospects make the decision to trust us in the first seven seconds after we speak.

Want an example.

— What if my opening statement to you is, “I’m the tax man. Trust me. I am here to help you.”

Have you already made the decision to trust me or not? I think so.

— What if I am from Russia and started speaking to a you as an American by saying, “Trust me. I am from Russia.”

Don’t you think you have made an instant decision to be on your guard?

What Does Good Rapport Mean?

Good rapport means we build trust instantly or it’s over.

We meet a sleezy car salesman. He offers us the greatest deal on a car in the world. Would we trust him? No.

We would be thinking:

— It is too good to be true.

— What’s the catch?

— I can’t trust a salesman.

— I need to be skeptical to protect my money.

The biggest sale we can ever make is to get prospects to believe the good things we are going to tell them in our presentations.

What happens if we don’t create rapport?

— Salesman alarm.

— Too good to be true filter.

— Negative past experiences.

— Distrust of strangers.

— Dysfunctional programs.

— What’s the catch filter.

— Skepticism.

So, what is rapport? Prospects won’t buy until we create trust and belief.

No matter how awesome your offer, no matter how sincere you are, your prospects won’t buy until you can create rapport. Then and only then will prospects hear and believe the good things you say.

What dos the word rapport mean? When you don’t create rapport first in seven seconds, you will hear your prospects say things like these:

— Oh, I don’t have any money.

— I have to talk it over with someone else.

—I need to think it over.

— I can’t see myself doing this.

— I don’t have time.

All these statements simply tell us that they did not believe what we told them. We did not create rapport.

What is rapport? Build trust instantly.

How Do We Build Rapport?

Many people believe rapport is built by honesty, integrity, sincerity and having the prospects’ best interests at heart. These simply do not work.

Many of these same people think we need to talk about family, occupation, recreation and the message (money, motivation) to build rapport. This is known as F O R M. These do not work.

Want proof?

Think about the last person who didn’t believe you.

— Were you honest with them? Yes.

— Were you a person of integrity. Yes.

— Were you sincere? Yes.

— Did you have that person’s best interest at heart? Yes.

— Did you talk about family, occupation, recreation and the message? Most likely at least with one of these.

And… that person DID NOT believe you.

Look at the con man.

— Is the con man honest? No.

— Does the con man have integrity? No.

— Is the con man sincere? No.

— Does the con man have the prospect’s best interest at heart? No.

— Does the con man talk about family, occupation, recreation and the message? Probably not.

Yet, the con man can get honest, hard-working people to hand over all their money, in total rapport, in just seconds.

What is meant by rapport? Building facts. Rapport is built one way and one way only… facts that both the prospect and you can agree with.

People like people who are the same as they are. They like people who are the same religion. They like people who are the same politically. They like people who are the same ethnicity. They like people who drink the same brand of beer.

If we find a person who thinks like us, talks the same language as us and believes like us, we have instant rapport.

State a fact that you and the prospect can agree with and you have built instant rapport. State two facts that you and the prospect can agree with and you put building rapport on steroids.

What is rapport? Fact + Fact = Rapport.

If you sold diet products:

— Dieting is difficult and we just don’t have time to exercise.

— Starving ourselves won’t work. We all need to eat.

—Strict dieting is impossible. We all have to attend social events.

If we sold business opportunities:

— The economy is in the toilet. No one is going to get  a pay raise this year.

— You can’t get rich working a job. You have to have your own business.

— We don’t want to work until we are 65. Then we are too old to enjoy our free time.

If we sold skin care and cosmetics:

— Your face is your first impression. You want to WOW people with your look.

— Growing old happens, and we all want to keep wrinkles away as long as possible.

— Night creams are expensive, so we want to make sure we get one that works.

Simply choose two facts that you and your prospect can jointly believe, and everything changes. Instant rapport is built. You now have a communication pathway to deliver your good ideas and information.

What is the meaning of rapport? Stating facts that build trust and belief.

What is rapport? Influencing people with two facts that build trust and belief.

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