8 Common Objections and their Uncommon Responses

Easily handle objections in Network Marketing!

Eight common objections in Network Marketing. Some people get one or two, while others get none. Why?

I means, most of us would like to never hear objections, right? Is that possible?

Well, objections do happen but, yes, it is possible to eliminate most of them.

In fact, we can stop most objections before they happen. Build enough value in our opportunities, products and services and objections won’t occur.

When objections do happen, how do we handle them? With uncommon responses.

Eight common objections with eight uncommon responses.

— I do not like to sell.

— Let me think it over.

— Is this one of those pyramid things?

— Let us exchange links.

— Front my startup cost.

— How much money have you made?

— When you are unsure about the prospect’s potential.

— The cost is too high.

The art of handling objections is agreement. We agree with the prospect that the problem exists.

#1: I Do Not Like to Sell

When we hear this objection, our prospects are thinking of the 1960’s old fashion door-to-door salesmen. No one wants that in their life.

Internal programs in the prospects minds tell them to run. Nobody wants to sell stuff door-to-door.

But inside every prospect lies the makings of a true salesman. They’ve been doing it their whole life. They just don’t realize it, and they just don’t get paid for it.

So, how do we overcome this common objection with an uncommon response? We agree with them, and we show them what they’ve been doing their whole life but without getting paid for it.

— Of course, you are not a salesman. That is why I am talking to you now. The company doesn’t want a bunch of old school, sleazy door-to-door salespeople promoting its products. They want real people, just like you and me, to share our experiences with others. Remember how you had an experience once in your past that helped you and you shared it with other people so that it could help them? Well, that is what we do. We share our experiences that helped us with other people to help them and we get paid for it. That’s better than being a sleazy salesperson. As a non-salesperson, this opportunity is made for people like you.

Eight common objections with one common objection done. Let’s move on.

#2: Let Me Think It Over

One objection which many Network Marketers face is the objection of “let me think it over.”

This objection is brought up usually because the prospect in their mind is convinced that their status in life does not need to change.

Our job is to solve people’s problems. If no problems exist, we cannot help people.

Tom acknowledges his job interferes with his week. Tom likes to fish more than he likes his job.

We offer Tom a solution of having 5-day weekends at full pay so he can spend more time fishing. He turns us down telling us that he needs to think it over. How do we respond?

— Relax Tom, it is okay to make a decision not to join our business and to continue working your job that interferes with time better spent fishing. And it is also okay if you make a decision to start today so you can start the countdown to 5-day paid weekends of fishing once a week instead.

Eight common objections with two down and the next one to conquer.

#3: Is This One of Those Pyramid Things?

Rarely does this objection come up. And rarely is there a good answer for it. But I have one.

— When you were getting your formal education at school, if your teachers would have received a small percentage of your earnings for the rest of your life, do you think your formal education would have been better? Better right? Well, that is how our business works. The person who invited you into this business wants to teach and train you to be as successful as possible, because the only way they can earn money is by making you successful.


—- When you are working at your job, your boss is receiving earnings off the skills you have learned. What if your boss gave you better skills? Do you think your boss would make more money? Do you think your job would be better? Your boss would make more money, and you would make more money. Well, that is how our business works. The person who invited you into this business wants to teach and train you with the skills to be as successful as possible, because the only way they can earn money is by making you successful.

#4: Let Us Exchange Links

People who want to exchange links do not know any better.

You are looking for buyers. They are looking for sellers.

Unless you don’t want or need what they have, it is a good idea to have an answer for those people who share their links uninvited.

— Thank you for the offer. I’m happy married to my business and not looking for a divorce.

#5: Front My Startup Cost

Eight common objections with eight uncommon responses and this objection sits at the forefront.

Two reasons for someone bringing up this objection. They are broke. They think they might fail. We better have a good response.

— We can guarantee the skills to make you successful. We cannot guarantee that you will apply the skills to be successful. You don’t apply the skills, we don’t get paid? That is why we don’t front your startup cost.

#6: How Much Money Have You Made?

For new members of your team who have not made any money, this is one objection that they better have a good answer.

The prospect asks, “So how much money have you made?”

— None. It is a business. It will take 6-months for me to make a good profit. Then I am going to take a cruise for a week and relax. I just wanted to know if you want to join with me now, so we can cruise together. Or, if you would rather give me your address, I can send you a postcard from my cruise.

Eight objections with five objections done and three to go.

#7: When You Are Unsure about the Prospect’s Potential

Talking to prospects sometimes make it hard for us to know how serious a prospect might be for Network Marketing.

A simple question does the trick.

— Can you see yourself doing this business?

Wait for the answer. If they are serious, they will tell us If they are not serious, move on.

#8: The Cost is too High

Eight common objections with #8 coming in dead last.

It is last because if you had built rapport, broken the ice, closed and done a proper presentation, this objection would never come up.

For those people who are dying to know what to say.

— What is it worth to you to take 6-month holidays with full pay?

— What is it worth to you to retire in 5-years at full pay?

— What is it worth to you to take 5-day paid weekends once a week?

— What is it worth you to get an extra paycheck twice a month?

— What is it worth to you to give yourself your own pay raise without begging the boss?

— What is it worth to you to make more money part-time than your professors make full-time?

— What is it worth to you to take 6-month paid vacations once a year?

— What is it worth to you to buy a college instead of attending a college?

— What is it worth to you to make more money part-time than your parents make full-time?

What have we done here? We used the magic phrase ‘What is it worth to you to…” + added a benefit.

Eight common objections spoken. Eight uncommon responses given. Enjoy.

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