The easy solution for dealing with Endless Questions after a Network Marketing presentation.

An effectively way of dealing with the Green Personality

We give a presentation to a prospect and end with “well, that’s it, what do you think?” Then prospect asks endless questions (green personality). What do you do?

It’s easy. 

Information gatherers like to trip us up with this type of objection.

Endless questions can get old fast, right?

If prospects ask endless questions we have two choices, be the victim … or; master exactly what to say next?

We refocus our prospects back to the big question, “Do you want to start a business with me… or not?”

It is difficult to fight against a prospect’s continuing need for more information. However, we can change the conversation from collecting information to, “Do I want to start now or not?”

Stop the Endless Questions

Prospects are nervous. They are unsure. They hate making decisions. To put off their decisions, they resort to endless questions for more information.

We could stop the endless questions for more information with statements like this:

— Obviously, there is something that either doesn’t make sense to you, or you need to check on something, I’m not sure. But procrastinating on this won’t help make this decision easier for you. Let me ask you this: What proof do I need to give you right now that this will work for you, to help you make that decision?

— Whenever someone tells me they have to think about it, it’s usually because the business isn’t exactly where they would like it to be – is that part of what you need to think about?

— I understand that thinking about it might make sense right now, but help me to understand something – what exactly is holding you back from this today?

These do not eliminate the prospect’s decision, but only puts it off.

Rather than answer unending trivia questions, consider this approach.

That is covered in training. But the real question is, “Do you want to join our business now, so that we can get you enrolled in training right now.”

This refocuses our prospect back to the big question, “Do I want to start a business with you now, or not?”

If your prospects don’t want to start now, then it doesn’t matter whether they gather more information or not.

It is over.

Endless questions for more information met with a simple statement. How easy is that?

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