Skills Work Best When You Use Them!

Why learn skills then never apply them?

Great skills require great discipline. The more skills we learn, the more money we can make. The less skills we learn, the less money that we make . . but we must apply them!

There are three types of Network Marketers in the world.

— Those that have not learned skills.

— Those that have learned skills and have not used them.

— Those that have learned great skills and use them to build a massive Network Marketing business (and enjoy the rewards).

Prospects love it when we apply skills on them. Prospects love it even more when we apply great skills on them.

When we get good at using skills on prospects, we affirm to the prospects that we know what we are doing, making it easier for them to follow us.

There are great skills to put on a resume. There are great work skills to learn for our jobs. And there are great skills to learn for building Network Marketing.

There are good waiter skills. There are good programming skills. There are good key skills for getting good at any job.

There are four core skills to learn and apply for building Network Marketing successfully: building rapport, breaking the ice, closing and presentation. For those who don’t know about these four core skills, they’ve been written about elsewhere.

Learn and apply these great skills and your chances of success with Network Marketing are greater than if you don’t learn and apply the skills.

Now, we need to make it easy as possible for our new reps and team members to learn and apply skills.

The Skill of Knowing What to Say

The difference between a successful Network Marketer and an unsuccessful Network Marketer is the skills of knowing what to say and do.

Prospects won’t notice what we do unless we know what to say. We must teach our members what to say so that prospects will listen to them and follow them.

We must teach our new members the magic words and phrases to talk to people so they see what we see.

— I show people how to retire in 5-years at full pay.

— Would it be okay if you could have two-paychecks instead of one?

— I just found out how to get pay raises every month without asking the boss. If you ever want to know how, I will be glad to tell you. Meanwhile, let’s go to lunch.

— What are your two biggest ____ (career, work-out, money) problems? Would you like to do something about it?

— Well, you know how we hate our jobs. Well, I just found out how to fire our boss and walk away at full pay.

So lets learn and apply the great skills and magic words to turn 10 out of 10 NO decisions into 10 out of 10 YES decisions.

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