When you learn to Ask the Right Questions you get Powerful Results!

Learn to ask the right questions and we get powerful results. Learn to ask the wrong questions and we get lousy results. Learn to ask better questions.

Questions are our best friend. They help satisfy our curiosity. They help control a conversation. They help people to think.

Learn to ask the right questions and you learn to get prospects thinking. We make our prospects stop, think and really consider our offer if we learn how to ask insightful questions… interesting, heart-stopping questions.

For example, here are two ways to ask questions. Which way do you think will get the best result?

— A. Want more time freedom in your life?

— B. Wouldn’t you love to be your own boss, so you wouldn’t have to ask permission for time off?


— A. How do you see your financial future?

— B. Have you decided to work here until you die.


— A. What is your weight management goal?

— B. Do you want to lose 15 lbs. before your daughter’s wedding?


— A. Want to save money when you shop?

— B. Are you tired of overpaying for just about everything?

The answer to all the questions is “B.” These questions remind our prospects that the pain of their problems won’t go away by procrastinating a decision and staying where they are.

Learn to ask the right questions to remind prospects of their pain and you learn how to steer the conversation to your offer.

Want more questions? Which question works best?

— A. Want is your plan B for retirement?

— B. Want to double your pension in 9-months?


— A. Hate your job?

— B. Does your job interfere with your week?


— A. Do you get enough time off?

— B. Want 5-day paid weekends every month?

Learn how to ask better questions.

— How does it feel not having an extra paycheck every month?

— Could I make a small suggestion to help?

— Are you okay with working five days a week for the rest of your life?

— Do you think if we work hard, the boss will get a bigger house for his retirement?

— So do you expect things will stay the same?

— What do you think of the success plan they gave us in school?

— Are other people jealous of your success?

— Would you like to know how I put away a bunch of money?

— How big of a raise do you expect this year?

— Did you ever think of what you could do with an eight-week vacation?

We learn to ask the right questions and we learn how to get prospects to stop and think, “Do I stay where I am, or do I want to move forward?” This technique is rejection free.

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