Why the "Fake It till You Make it" strategy is should not be used!

And how to get more Network Mark.eting success with a smarter strategy

Fake it till you make it…. Faking success in Network Marketing is the most common strategy of new distributors. The problem? It does not work.

Fake it till you make it examples go something like this.

— Speaking the jargon that the company teaches you.

— Following the lead of your sponsors and leaders.

— Sharing qualities that you don’t have with people who have them.

— Using titles with your polished image to boost your authority.

We need to bare our whole authentic selves. We need to pay attention to how we present ourselves to others.

Many new distributors wish, hope, fake and pretend they are successful.

Fake it till you make it works on the wrong assumption of a positive mindset and attitude.

It is good to have a positive mindset. It is good to have confidence. It is not good to build a positive mindset and have confidence on untruths.

The positive mindset is built on skills. One of the most frustrating feelings for us is to want success badly but not have the skills to make it happen.

When new distributors start out, they bring the skills of their careers into Network Marketing. And that always works out badly.

If new distributors are engineers, they bring the skills of science and mathematics to Network Marketing.

If new distributors are bakers, they bring the routine skills… mixing and baking ingredients on a routine basis.

 Unfortunately, Network Marketing works on a whole set of 25 new skills that are rarely taught by our companies.

— The secret language of the four-color personalities.

— One-minute presentations and two-minute stories.

— Ice breakers for introducing our business in a social conversation.

— Needs vs. wants.

— Word pictures.

— Understanding the subconscious mind’s programs.

— how to talk directly to the subconscious mind.

— Commanding the prospects’ brains to listen.

— Getting prospects to believe the good things we have to say.

— Magic sequence of words.

— First sentences.

— Internal story techniques to bypass negativity and filters.

— Creating instant rapport.

— Sound bites.

— Presentations and public speaking mastery.

— “inclusion” vs. “Exclusion” language.

— Power marketing and headline skills.

— How to get local presold prospects.

— Internal marketing: Social networking for presold leads.

— Creating vision – two methods bypassing the conscious.

— How to handles problems.

— How to locate leads.

— What to teach leaders.

— Leadership tests.

And as in any other profession, there are core skills we need to learn. Network Marketing is no different. Carpenters need skills, Doctors need skills, Janitors need skills. Accountants need skills. Network Marketers need skills.

The Four Core Skills

Fake it till you make it takes you only so far and then you will fail.

The 25 skills of Network Marketing fortunately can be reduced to four core skills.

The four core skills we need to learn for making our dreams come true are building rapport, creative ice breakers, closing and presentation.

(1). Creating trust and rapport. Our prospects must like, trust, believe us. If they don’t believe us, we won’t make any money. Creating trust and belief take only a few seconds to do. If we don’t know how to create trust and belief, we will have frustrating careers.

(2). Creative ice breakers. We chit-chat every day with people at work or on social media. If we don’t have a way of introducing our business into a social conversation without rejection, we will fail in our business. We don’t want to look like sleazy sales people. Instead we want to find people’s problems and guide them with solutions to solve their problems. This removes the fear of talking to other people about our opportunity and products.

(3). How to close prospects. Fake it till you make it fails at closing. Most new distributors have no clue of how to close prospects. We did not learn how to close prospects in school. The process of how our prospects make their decisions for or against our opportunities and products is a process we better learn. Fortunately, it only takes one sentence or two tiny statements to close. When we don’t know the skill, closing will create fear and rejection.

(4). How to do a presentation. Fake it till you make it does not work on presentations. You cannot expect prospects to spend lots of time looking at your websites, videos, or audio files. They live busy lives. Understanding when and how to do a presentation will get you far with Network Marketing. Unfortunately, our companies teach us to give presentations based on 1960 models of presenting material… hold all questions until the end and unload unlimited information onto the prospect through chit-chat, videos, audios or websites. Modern brain science shows us that way repeals people. What we need is a one-minute presentation or a two-minute story. The brain cannot handle information past one-minute or a two-minute story.

So, what is the bottom line with fake it till you make it models? They don’t work.

How many of you are not where you want to be with Network Marketing? It is not your mindset which is holding you back. Attending an event, jumping up and down, putting on a brave face, thinking positive and shouting slogans are not going to make you money.

Fake it till you make it won’t work. The only thing that works is to learn skills… and to learn the four core skills.

How much longer are you going to delay learning these skills? Fake it till you make it or authenticate them in your life now.

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