Should You Buy Leads for Your Business?

Should you buy quality leads for your business? It’s not the best choice, but sometimes it makes sense!

If you will listen to a voice of reason and experience, in most cases, it is better to create your own leads than buy them. In this post are the pros & cons of both.

You can create your own leads in less than two to three minutes when you know how to build rapport in seven seconds, break the ice in five seconds, close in fifteen seconds, and give a presentation in one-minute or with a two-minute story.

Lead generation companies and digital marketing leads are a scam. Companies that sell MLM leads rarely have fresh leads that work. So, never buy leads for your business.

If you have a system for generating your own network marketing leads, you can be quite successful… only if you know what to say.

I know what you are thinking. “Dale, I’ve run out of friends and family, and I have no more MLM leads left to speak to. I must buy leads.”

Okay, let’s see if you are ready to buy leads for your business.

— “What are your word-for-word first three sentences for your cold market leads?”

— “If your prospect is skeptical, do you have at least five small phrases you will use to build instant rapport?

— “If your prospect doesn’t believe you, what phrase will you use next?”

— “What phrases will you use to command your prospect’s brain to listen to you?”

— “What is your word-for-word close?”

— “What is your best one sentence close?”

— “If your prospect wants to think it over, what is your next sentence?”

— “If your prospect asks for more information, what are your next two sentences?”

— “If your prospect asks to go to a website, what exactly will you say next?”

— “When your prospects want to talk about their personal drama, what sentence will you say next?”

If you can answer ALL these questions, you are ready to buy leads for your business.

If you cannot answer ALL these questions, you are not ready to buy leads for your business and you are not ready to talk to anyone anywhere, anytime, and anyplace.

The distributor who cannot answer ALL these questions is the distributor who needs to learn the skills to talk to cold prospects and leads. This distributor will ruin all his leads if he or she cannot answer ALL these questions.

Here is a secret. If you can answer ALL the questions, you can create your own network marketing leads without spending one dime of your own.

Why not take the challenge yourself? Answer ALL the questions to see if you are ready to buy leads for your business. What are your best answers? What answers work comfortably with your personality? What answers are you comfortable with to pass on to your team?

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