Please, get to the point in the first few seconds!

If you don't you will ruin it for your prospect!

Prospects live busy lives and all of our brains are hardwired to make decisions quickly anyway. So, we must get to the point with prospects swiftly.

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Prospects don’t think about the decisions they make. They are automatically. Their subconscious minds have internal programs that direct their conscious minds to think and act.

So, we must speak to the subconscious mind with prospects. We must get to the point that speaks to the subconscious mind.

Our strategy is to get to the point in the first few seconds.

It is the conversation before the presentation that counts.

Pre-closing is getting YES DECISIONS before the presentation… automatically.

— Would it be okay if I share a little more about our business, while giving you a few ideas of where you can spend the extra money?

— Would you like to know how I put away a bunch of money?

— Staying here at our job until we die, and not changing anything is a plan. But I don’t feel that is a good plan for me. What about you?

— Why do you think extra income would be a good idea?

— So, do you think keeping your current plan, working at your job for 45 years, is going to be the answer?

— Who do you think cares how much is in our savings account ten years from now?

— How long will you receive a salary after you leave your job? Will your company still benefit from your work after you leave?

These pre-closing statements get to the point in the first few seconds that we open our mouths, and the response from prospects is automatic and quick.

Pre-closing gets to the point fast and easy and prospects sell themselves. Here is another example that gets to the point quickly.

— “WHEN did you decide to start your own part-time business? And WHY did you decide to start your own part-time business? WHAT happened to cause this? Once you decided to start your own part-time business, how did you FEEL?”

These pre-closing statements allow our prospects to sell themselves. They get to the point early and get a quick response automatically., All we have to do is explain our solution. To do that, we can do a one-minute presentation, a two-minute story, or a short story.

Professional Network Marketers know the decision to join happens early in our conversation, not later. So, get to the point early with what you say.

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