How many people can you Recruit in One Week?

It's all about belief & skills in Network Marketing

Belief is important. Speaking trained words are important. But if you have belief and trained words, can you recruit 100 people in one week?

Many Network Marketers think BELIEF is meat and potatoes, and speaking trained words is chopped liver.

Belief and trained words are important. Belief is the start. Trained words are the finish.

Can you recruit 100 people on belief and trained words?

We get a telephone call. It is a Monday workday. The person says, “Are you an investment banker? Can you raise money? Could you get $500,000 together that I can borrow this Wednesday?”

Because we don’t believe that it is possible, we don’t even try.

So, can you recruit 100 people on belief alone?

Belief is the first step. If we don’t believe, all the skills in the world will not help us.

Now imagine this scenario.

We get a phone call. The person says, “I kidnapped your child. I will release your child on Thursday for $500,000.”

What do we say? We wouldn’t say, “Oh, I am not a professional that can raise money. Sorry.”

We say, “I will have $500,000 by Thursday.”

What was the difference? The difference was belief.

We didn’t get training. We believed we could, and we said the right words.

Without belief we won’t even try. Even though we didn’t know how to raise $500,000 now, we believe that we could learn new skills to raise $500,000 before Thursday.

But can we recruit 100 people in one week on belief alone? No.

The second step is what to say to prospects.

The “We Need Skills” Story

We need skills of what to say. I share this story

Our prospect has just told us NO.

And our reply?

We say, “No? Are you kidding. I chanted affirmations this morning. I looked at my vision board and saw you and I working together for that cruise vacation to Australia. Yesterday, I read the book The Power of Positive Thinking. My goals are better than your goals. I attended two online webinars last night. I went to a home meeting and jumped up and down, yelling with enthusiasm. Monday, I just came back from a convention with my company and I am fired up to recruit you. I believed hard and passionately. So, how can you refuse my offer???”

Yea, I know that story is an exaggeration.

But it points out that getting our heads right with a positive mindset is only one step toward success. Yes, it is a very important first step. But we have to do more.

Step #2 is to learn the skills of our profession.

Can you recruit 100 people in one week without learning some skills? No, of course not.

Unless we learn the skills of how to get our prospects to make YES decisions, we don’t have a business.

We have hope, We have a positive mindset. We have wishes. But not a solid business.

Our financial security and success depend on learning the skills of our profession. So let’s ask ourselves, “When would be a good time to start learning these skills?”

Hopefully… NOW!

We must master the skills of building rapport instantly, breaking the ice in less than 15 seconds upon opening our mouths, closing and giving presentations… all done in less than 3-minutes.

So, if we can have belief and skills of what to say to get YES decisions, can you recruit 100 people in a week? Yes, you can.

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