Discover the Untapped Power of LinkedIn for Network Marketing

LinkedIn is the lone ranger among social media platforms. If you want leaders in your Network Marketing business, discover the untapped power of LinkedIn for Network Marketing.

Most Network Marketers know little of what LinkedIn can do for their business. Even the giants in our industry know little about LinkedIn.

My mentor and I and were chatting yesterday, and he admitted he did not understand LinkedIn. And my mentor makes millions of dollars in our industry.

If you want leaders in the professional industries to be part of your team, discover the untapped power of LinkedIn.

If you want people who don’t whine and complain about the cost of your goods, services and opportunity, discover the untapped power of LinkedIn.

If you want people who don’t worry about the time it takes to build a business, discover the untapped power of LinkedIn.

I discovered the untapped power of LinkedIn long before it was considered a worthy social media platform.

Gloria MacDonald

I owe a debt of gratitude to my own mentor Gloria MacDonald who is teaching Network Marketers the power of LinkedIn.

I will be taking what she is teaching me and my own skills of marketing with trained words to build a course on LinkedIn for Network Marketers soon.

Years ago, I discover the untapped power of LinkedIn. I started on LinkedIn before I knew anything about Facebook.

For those people who have access to my Swipe Files for Professionals on this site, you know already of my commitment to make LinkedIn a major social media platform for Network Marketers to tap into.

I am in the process of developing my own online course on “The Power of LinkedIn for Network Marketers.”

I will have the course out in next few weeks. Be looking for updates to it on this site and by email, if you are part of my subscriber base.

I owe Gloria a great deal of debt for what she has passed to me with her wisdom.

The Setup

LinkedIn requires work. You must be a cut-above the rest if you are to stand out on LinkedIn. We are on a professional site, and so, our profile must be professional.

There are Four Steps to be a cut-above the rest on LinkedIn.

— Brand Yourself.

— What to say.

— The Giveaway

— Call to Action

(1). Brand Yourself…

Discover the untapped power of LinkedIn by branding yourself. Branding is to position yourself the authority in your niche.

Your profile is your real estate. We could make our real estate into Mediterranean Avenue, or we could make our real estate into Board Walk, an illustration from the board game Monopoly.

We want our real estate to be Board Walk.

That means we remove ALL references to the name of our Network Marketing or Home-Based Business. We remove ALL references to our goods, products and business opportunity.

We create a profile that speaks to the wants of people. The one question we must keep in mind when creating our profile is what every prospect asks… “What is in it for me?”

Speak of benefits. For a good illustration of what a profile should look like on LinkedIn, go my profile and look.

The Header needs to be done professionally. A professional picture of you must be put in the header as well as the profile picture itself. The Header must say something about the industry. My header reads “Turning the Non-Professional Network Marketer into the Professional.

The Headline needs to read with what benefit you can offer the prospects. My headline reads “Discover the TRAINED WORDS that GET INSTANT YES DECISIONS from the PERFECT PROSPECTS by UNLEASHING the Power of LinkedIn.”

(2). What to Say…

Discover the untapped power of LinkedIn by what you say.

Many Network Marketers have diarrhea of the mouth. They speak the first thing that comes to their minds. They write what they speak. And it is confusing.

Trained words are putting to pencil and paper about the opening sentences that will grab one’s attention.

Many articles on this blog help you with trained words. We need to speak about benefits.

— If your home is where your heart is, shouldn’t your business be there, too?

— Start your own business — with no overhead!

— Get a $400-a-month raise without telling your boss.

— Helping Retirees double their pensions in 9-months.

— Helping Millennials to make more money part-time than their parents make full-time.

Speak the language that everybody understands. Benefits! Benefits! And more Benefits!

Avoid funny quotes, what kind of finger nail polish you are wearing, or what you had for breakfast. None of that works.

LinkedIn is for serious professionals looking for business opportunities. They don’t have time for what you did during the day.

(3). The Giveaway…

The giveaway is what it means. Discover the untapped power of LinkedIn by giving something away for free in exchange for contact information from the prospect.

This requires a website. This DOES NOT MEAN that you send prospects to your company website. I discourage that practice.

This does mean that you need to create your own websites with something you can give away FREE.

— A PDF file that helps people in their business.

— A short training video.

— Audio files.

People on LinkedIn like training to help them with their business. Give it away FREE and have a form that includes their Name, Email Address and Phone Number.

And most important is to have an automated email system. Use AWeber, MailChimp, Get Response, Constant Contact and others are available.

(4). Call to Action…

Discover the untapped power of LinkedIn by our call to action.

The call to action challenges the prospects to act.

— Click on this button.

— Copy and paste this link.

— Go here to see this video.

We command prospects to act now by what we say.

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 A call to action must be put everywhere on the profile that it can be put.

Most important if you are to discover the untapped power of LinkedIn, fill out the entire profile from top to bottom. It gives you an all-star rating on LinkedIn.

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