Why do I have Inactive Distributors?

They are Not Lazy about attending training so why is wrong?

My distributors are not lazy so why are they inactive distributors? Lazy people don’t attend online webinars to develop their skills when they could be watching TV or Netflix. Most who are lazy don’t spend money to join a Network Marketing business nor invest in their personal development by buying training books, tapes.

So, why are my distributors inactive? Simple. When people get started they have two problems.

(1). They don’t know what to do.

(2). They do the wrong things.

Ask your distributors, “What is the first sentence out of your mouth when you make a business presentation to a prospect?”

You won’t get many answers. Most likely, you’ll get no answers.

If your inactive distributors were in the room with you, they would avoid eye contact. They’ll would rather stare at the floor that look like a fool — and this means they don’t know what to say. No wonder they are inactive distributors.

Your distributors have one chance to make a first impression with their prospects and that chance only lasts seconds.

My distributors are not lazy. They just don’t know what to say.

First Sentences

If my distributors are not lazy, what must I teach them? First sentences.

First sentences are a great opening sentence to start the conversation. I would rather have my distributors learn great first sentences than know the entire compensation plan by heart.

If the distributor can make an opening first impression with a great first sentence, then whatever the distributor says afterwards won’t matter to the prospect.

Prospects make decisions in the first few seconds upon our mouths opening. They make the following decisions.

— Should I trust this person?

— Should I believe what this person says?

— Should I like this person?

— Is this person trying to take advantage of me?

— Do I want to do business with this person?

 Want examples?

— If you have a few minutes, I would like to tell you how you can quit your job and still make more money.

— Three reasons to fire your boss tomorrow.

— How this herbal fat-burning tea will take off 9 inches in 9 days.

— Are you okay with begging someone else for a raise?

— Can you feel these three early signs of burnout?

So, my distributors are not lazy… they just don’t have a great opening first sentence to start a conversation.

When your distributors don’t know what to say and what to do, they don’t do anything. So, give them some encouragement of what to say with a great first sentence. Then you won’t be complaining my distributors are not lazy but do not work.

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