Thanks & Responsibility

Like many countries, once a year we celebrate Thanksgiving (or “the Harvest”). Families gather, thanking God for the bounty, then enjoying a good meal.

There is an opposition to Thanksgiving – complaining. Complaining that your upline is not supporting you. Complaining that your downline is not doing anything. Complaining that your products are not arriving from the company on time.

In an age of MeToo and crybabies and whiners, complaining is fashionable and acceptable. People complain and blame with deafening noise. 

It’s easy and addictive. It is easy to get on Facebook and complain. It is addictive to find like-minded whiners and complainers and join in with the chorus.

Complaining won’t earn you brownie points. It won’t make you better. It won’t help you learn. And it won’t help you grow.

What’s the fix? Give thanks and take responsibility.

Give thanks by inviting someone that you barely know to join your business. Give thanks for family and friends and your team. Give thanks for living in America that allows us the freedom to build a business. Give thanks to your upline for introducing you to this business.

And take responsibility. Take responsibility for your business. Take responsibility by finding how to do this business on your own. Take responsibility by teaching your downline the skills for success. Take responsibility by realizing your products don’t arrive on time because they are so popular that the company can’t keep up with demand. 

Don’t blame your upline, company, products, support system, tools, events, etc. You can either complain about them, or you can do something about them.

The moment you step into the world of responsibility, you’ve moved to a higher and rare class. You join people who are serious about changing the lives of people around them with the opportunity afforded to them by this great land.

Don’t waste your life complaining about what other people do. This Thanksgiving week, give thanks and take responsibility.

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