Make a Simple eBook & generate leads!

Giveaway an eBook to attract prospects.

Many professional Network Marketers make a simple eBook and present it to accumulate leads. The technique is motivating and simple.

Make a simple eBook on things that will help solve people’s problems. If you don’t want to make a simple eBook, you can buy eBooks off the internet and turn them into your own.

One eBook you can purchase and give away is How to Get Rich Without Winning the Lottery by Keith Schreiter. Some versions cost less than 1.50. Other electronic versions are free Another version is paperback books for less than $3.95. 

The book explains how anyone can acquire wealth by using any of several methods suggested. Most readers immediately identify with one of the plans or examples.

I have several eBooks you can access on my website. One is Crack Cocaine for the Prospect’s Mind, which shows how you can do Network Marketing with stories. Another is Network Marketing Has Changed, a free report on how to wade through the social media malaise and come out on top.

I’m not getting into how to make a simple eBook. I am going to get into what you can do with it once it has been made.

When you hand out an eBook to your prospects, they will be so impressed with its content that they will keep it for their own personal library. Because the eBook speaks to a problem in the prospects’ lives, they will refer to it repeatedly. 

Give prospects enough value in your eBook, and you will have built trust, likability and belief in you that you can present your business opportunity to them. 

So, make a simple eBook. Or buy eBooks and turn them into your own. Don’t prejudge this technique. This is one of the most powerful ways to build a solid group of doers.

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